Scorpio Male -The Evolved and Underdeveloped Characteristics

On this page you will find the descriptions for Scorpio Male/Man Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Scorpio Male

This Scorpio male has good reasoning skills. He can remain objective while analyzing matters. He is able to communicate what he is thinking distinctly and resolutely.

He has strong intuition; he relies on his instincts in his life.

He's a fast thinker he immediately sees things that others miss.

His ambition has to do with attaining power, but he doesn't want that power just for his own benefit, he wants it to benefit other people.

When troubles come he can be very strong.

He is always striving to improve himself.

His worst feature is that his bite is often targeted at the wrong person at the most inopportune time.

He always feels something; he is never neutral as far as his feelings are concerned.

This Scorpio male looks down on anything maudlin; he abhors outbursts of any kind.

He doesn't have an automatic confidence in others and when he is deceived even if it's a thin lie, he trusts the person less. For this reason, he keeps a small circle of friends.

His unassailable strength aids him in attaining his goals when more fallible zodiac signs cannot.

This Scorpio male can be uncommunicative, fairly prideful, unyielding, restrained and driven; these characteristics can make people who don't get to know him dislike him.

When it comes to love he loves passionately, firmly and truly. However sometimes, he can suddenly love someone and just as suddenly fall out of love.

He isn't an easy man to be with or live with; he can annoy and exhaust others.

When he feels love for someone he may try to verbalize it, but has a hard time doing so, and finally, he just stops trying.

It's not easy for him to find someone to be with, but when he does, his belief in commitment and reliance show themselves.

His analytical sense assists him in love very well, because he is able to not rush into foolish relations with women who are not for him.

Out of all Signs Scorpio is one that knows they'll marry someone the minute they meet them. This is also true in how they find long term relationships.

Even if Scorpio gets this jolt, he will still take his time in getting into said relationship or engagement.

He is sometimes curt and acerbic; however, he exhibits control when it comes to his sexual impulses. He has a rule never to be controlled by the passion he feels for someone.

This man needs a romantic partner who is ardent and responsive; he has an active sex drive and love stimulates it.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Scorpio Male

When this Scorpio man is bad he is awful.

Things that other men find modestly annoying make him furious. Things that make others feel triumphant make him arrogant.

Things that cause others to feel a little left out make him jealous and mean.

He becomes consumed by things, he has strength, but he lacks control over himself. If he doesn't learn self control, he can become obsessive, foolhardy and remain always unsatisfied.

This man doesn't let other men upstage him, he will do anything to have the focus on him.

He plays games with people and he unfairly picks them apart; all this to get attention.

He is pleased (on the inside) when he finds someone with a failing he can take advantage of; he then makes it the focus of his taunts so that others will see that weakness too.

He plays tricks on his friends, tricks that are not all that funny to them, but are hilarious to him. His friends soon find him uncomfortable to be around.

This comes from the Scorpio leaning towards self-destruction; treating his friends this way, he can harm himself through them.


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