Sagittarius Male -Qualities of the Evolved and Underdeveloped

On this page you will find the descriptions for Sagittarius Male  Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Sagittarius Male

This Sagittarian male is never tired of learning; his inquisitive mind never stops asking questions, there is always a lesson to be learned.

The Sagittarius zodiac sign makes this man very intelligent. He has very good reasoning skills.

Getting down to the what’s, how’s and why’s of things is exciting for him; once he's done that he can explain it to others in the most uncomplicated ways.

This Sagittarius male is a formidable adversary; he has no pity for asinine propositions and dissents.

He intuitively knows exactly where the failing is in someone, and he figures out what has to be done.

This is why many Sagittarians make great lawyers, investigative journalists and writers.

Career wise, he is lucky; he is able to turn failure into success.

This Sagittarius male always aims for the truth in all things. He may annoy his friends, family and even total strangers with his questions.

If they aren't forthcoming it makes him ask even more questions.

He may have been one of those children that were always asking, "Why?"

He doesn't do well with controls on his freedom so he was probably a rebellious teenager, this follows him into adulthood.

This Sagittarius male is a life long learner, because of this push to learn he always has someone to talk to.

Even when alone he has his books or TV programs he learns from. This man is hardly ever lonesome or bored.

He likes the outside air, closed rooms make him feel stifled. He may drive with his car windows open.

He may participate in sports that are played surrounded by nature; fishing, football, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball or golfing.

He is plainspoken and candid; he is this way with friends as well as lovers.

When it comes to relationships, he doesn't really do the small white lie thing, to spare feelings.

The truth will just come from his lips before he has time to color it, this leads to hurt feelings in his lover.

If you ask a Sagittarian male if he has ever been unfaithful and he says yes and sees nothing wrong with it; be assured that he will do it again, you can either live with the fact that he may or don't get into a relationship.

A Sagittarian male should choose a woman who is like minded, not just attractive in a physical way.

She should have the qualities and disposition that matches what he needs. If he chooses just for looks, he is more apt to cheat on her or be unhappy.

There are some Sagittarian males who experience a very painful heartbreak, after that they deal with the pain by not going for women who are truly available to him.

He does this to assure that it will never become truly serious. Married or involved women fit this bill, once he starts this however; it is hard for him to stop doing this kind of romantic fling.

There is not a woman that will ever take possession of this man; he will not be controlled. If his partner tries to dominate him or control his freedom:

He may feign that he is indeed under her thumb, but he is quietly looking for another.

Or he may do as she wants for a time, but will become so vitriolic in the things he says to her that she ends the relationship.

This man needs a woman that is a flirt like him; a woman who sees that it's nothing because she understands.

This man needs a woman who is just as quick to start conversations with total strangers or at least a woman who sees nothing wrong with it.

Most Sagittarian men prefer to stay bachelors for life; they love being the master of their own ship.

They don't want to even think of giving up their freedom, but if they happen to find someone he is happy to give up his freedom.

This Sagittarius male is ingenious, fascinating and has the gift of gab. He is able to achieve much.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Sagittarius Male

In this Sagittarius male, autonomy will be something he protects in an ill-mannered or even barbarian way.

This is especially true when he thinks that a woman who is his equal is trying to tell him what to do. He likes her and so his freedom is in actual danger, you see?

This Sagittarian man lives only in the present; commitment and faithfulness mean nothing to him. And so, he gives no thought to other people.

He lacks in the ethical department and lives with hardly a principle.

Being this way surely causes pain to anyone involved with him.

The risk of being hurt by him is easily avoided if one isn't the kind of person who asks to be betrayed.

It is easy to figure out if you are being led on by him; he will have no deep feeling for you at all.

He will not express even a little jealousy for your attention; he will not care to ask about anything to do with your life.

One more thing on this; he doesn't lie well. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth; any one even the underdeveloped, is not a proficient liar.

Just ask him what you want to know, even in a badly stated lie you will get your answers.


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