Taurus Male -The Mature and Immature Personality

On this page you will find the descriptions for Taurus Male/Men Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Taurus Male

This Taurus male is determined and stable. He has an unwavering judgment. He remains undaunted through the difficult times.

He has a calm tenacity while he confronts the troubles that come in life.

This man will never be the "Mark" in a confidence scheme.

You can't bully this Bull.

He never has unrealistic ambitions. He usually has a handle on what can realistically happen, he will see through falsities and hyperbole faster than an Aries will see them.

He stands out when a job demands someone who knows how to see the symmetry of things. He understands; organization, rules and technique.

He is creative, particularly in creating or starting businesses.

Venus rules Taurus. This Taurean may greatly appreciate one, some or all these things; painting, making things, music, poetry or arts.

This man's theme love song should be, "Faithfully by Journey". His love is durable, strong and faithful.

His dedication towards that love can endure through the slights of spitefulness and times of emotional disregard.

While respect or deference is natural to his character, he won't stand to be henpecked and needled by his partner for long.

If he is irritated like this long enough, he will blow his stack, see red and be so ferocious, that it can be horrifying to the person that started the nagging.

The Earth element that fuels his star sign makes him hunger for the sight and touch of his beloved.

When he has these longings, he will use any excuse to get close, to see, to touch, his love.

His friends may joke about him, his beloved may become skittish because of the force of his longing, but he will remain constant in his devotion and go after her until the day she tells him to F off or I am yours.

One sure way that his pursuit will end is this:

If he becomes aware that he has competition for the woman he wants.

He might just leave her alone and not stand in the way of love. In his mind, if she has placed another in competition with him, she doesn't want him. He will show no resentment about it.

For the sake of his pride, this Taurus male will not compete with another man for a woman.

He isn't prideful in a pushy way in the realm of love; he will not compete because, romantic rivalries make him timid and uncomfortable.

But, if all is well in that he has no competition and his beloved loves him back, their connection will continue to thrive, leading to wedding bells or at least a permanent situation, in their future.

Having a partner and children he loves and wants to take care of urges him to do and be his best.

He hates debt so he works hard, but beneath that, love also motivates him to do his best to get paid well and provide for every possible need.

Not to mention the fact that, he doesn't relish the thought of borrowing credit that he can't pay back.

His sexuality is lusty and hyperactive. He is always at the ready, never too stressed and never is his mind to engaged else where.

Although, this would seem inconsistent with his Taurean manner, he is an absolute romantic.

If you are reading this to learn of this Taurus male, I'll give you the gist of it romantically.

If you can keep up with this man's sexual needs, be there when he longs for you, make sure he eats a lot and deliciously.

You will have a man on your hands a man that can love you through all things, a man who will try always to keep you happy and safe, while remaining purposefully blind to many of your flaws.

As for his flaws; he is stubborn, more stubborn than a mule.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Taurus Male

This Taurus male hides his good points on purpose. He is trying to preserve himself from problems, I guess.

But, in doing that, he brings trouble to his own door.

This Taurus man is all about himself, he doesn't want to see the view point of other people.

The other Taurus is stubborn yes, but he is also tenacious. This one is only bull headed.

The extra energy that the former Taurus would use to assist others, is kept in reserve by this one.

The constancy through change of the former Taurean man becomes, an asinine aversion towards change, due to his excessively unsure and calculated attitude.

The calmness of the other Taurus male is twisted into indolence and idleness in this one.

Similarly, fiscal responsibility converts into a mercenary attitude.

His ambitions are misdirected and corrupt, they lack equilibrium.

His ambitions are born from his ego, not motivated by his love for anyone but himself.

In love, he will have many heartbroken and disillusioned women in his past, and he never considers it.

The only women, who can deal with this man if he stays this way, would be another immature/underdeveloped Taurean.


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