Virgo Male - The Mature and Immature Qualities

On this page you will find the descriptions for Virgo Male/Man Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Virgo Male

This Virgo man's best feature is his discernment. He sorts through and studies everything.

Having a technique and being precise is crucial to him. Unless otherwise afflicted, he tends to be careful with his finances; so much so, he would make a great accountant.

He is unlikely to advance to positions of authority because he isn't good at persuading others to do things. When he tries to tell others what to do... Or how to do... he often rubs them the wrong way.

Even if he isn't the boss he is usually one of the most effective workers.

I am sad to say that, he will find it hard to rise up in the ranks at work or receive accolades.

For he is too lax in promoting himself, others take credit for his work and are better at self promoting than he is.

Virgo is the Sign of service and thus he will be very helpful to others. However, when he is beginning to feel that the help is wasted or abused, he knows when and how to say no.

Virgos, men (or women for that matter) do not have a natural affinity to kids, but once they are here, they are here and he will take care of them in his own efficient way.

To find a Virgo male who showers you with tenderness and approval is uncommon, it isn't in his nature.

*Real life example:

I know a Virgo male who praises and ooh’s and aah’s, however, I have caught him many a times praising the exact same thing in the exact same way to more than one person, it has a ring of artificiality to it.

Unless his chart is impaired, he is also not one to depend on others so he tends to watch his bottom line financially. He spends his money simply and meagerly, no exorbitant gifts for girlfriends and wives here.

*Real life example:

I know of another Virgo male friend who made a point to mention to his girlfriend (who is also a friend) how expensive the designer perfume he bought her for her birthday was.

When she wanted to replace it, (since she liked it) we came to realize that; 1 it was the smallest bottle in ounces and 2 it cost 29 dollars. Oh well, at least she got a gift right?

Unless Venus and Mars specifically or other Planets generally say otherwise, this man does not love easily or quickly. Once he does love it tends to be in a loyal and faithful way.

If your Virgo male cheats on you he doesn't love you, period.

He isn't easy to love and isn't easy to live with; his criticizing ways can grate on the nerves.

If you were to ask his friends, they may comment, that Virgo hardly shares anything to do with his emotions or sex life.
He doesn't ask for advice about his relationships or brag about his woman.

This Virgo male lives life virtuously and he requires all those around him to live in the same manner.

The paradox of the Virgo man is that he likes to attend to others, be helpful, and make things better.

This desire to give doesn't extend to his romantic and sexual life; he isn't so devoted to attending to his partner’s sexual needs. Often this Virgo male will have a sexually frustrated woman waiting and the wings.

A romantic partner of this man has to be a tolerant woman, because Virgo is not a very sexually heated being. * I for one find this baffling being that he is an Earth sign, a very lusty Element.

He likes sex when he finally has it, and he will suddenly see the benefits, but sex isn't high on his list of needs.

Love is not easily expressed by this Virgo either. Virgo love is not explicit, it is more of the implicit kind, the latter being something that women have a hard time with.

You have to watch for the times when a loved on is sick to see his love in clear action. Otherwise, just look to the small things he does, like wash your car and details the inside.

Or when he fills your gas tank. Or when he buys you a kitchen appliance or doodad that makes your kitchen more efficient for you. He may even get you a refill supply of something that you use for a hobby you have; that's all Virgo love.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Virgo Male

This Virgo is insufferable. He can't be pleased, almost nothing makes him happy. Even when something is almost flawless, he will see the "almost" and focus on that.

Because of this inclination, he finds it hard to succeed. When failure comes he would rather find fault in something outside of himself and never reflect on what he may be doing wrong.

This man's romantic partner better learn to bounce back, for she will have lots of practice with the amount of sad times Virgo will bring her.

As for sex, this Virgo man doesn't think that many women are good enough, to tell the truth he probably wouldn't recognize a good lay anyway.

He can be such a fault finder that he splashes water all over the fire that is burning in a woman for him.

When his Venus or/and Mars are badly afflicted, he may even be turned on by women who mistreat him, nag at him or worse, bi%#&%s.


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