Cancer Male -Personalities
of the Mature and Immature

On this page you will find the descriptions for Cancer Male/Men Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Cancer Male

This Cancer male has patience and persistence. He is also a conciliator. Once this guy gets a hold of something it's hard for him to let go.

Once he has his arms wrapped around someone he has a hard time letting go. Once he has decided something it's hard for him to change his mind.

This mature/evolved Cancer man is temperamental; the one steady thing about his temper is that it's always contradictory.

He is great at connecting with his feelings be it; pity, pleasure, sadness, tenderness, ire or repulsion.

He is also outstanding at drawing out the same feelings from other people.

No other zodiac sign can convey hopelessness better than a Cancer man. Actually, Cancers can take any emotion and compound it.

He has an inviolable retention, he remembers everything. The past is still alive for him; things that happened in the past are still with him in the present.

He is a natural dramatic, if he hasn't found a place to show his talent on stage, he will still need an audience; his family and friends, sometimes total strangers, become his audience.

Once this man loves you, really loves you, be it; family, lovers or friends his feelings are everlasting.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since you’ve seen him or how far apart you are, with this man, there truly is a special place in his heart for you.

Once he has children, he will love them jealously, almost like a mother. Once he has children, they become his raison d'être, they inspire him.

To be sure, once he becomes a family man, he builds his world around them.

While he is alone, a single man, he will find himself always wanting and drifting along... wishing for this nuclear family even if unaware of this need.

He will be shaped by everything and everyone, until he has found his permanent family.

His mind hungers for sustenance and this will be manifest in his fondness for historical novels, books, biographies, films and dramatic plays.

He feels deeply for his family. In fact, once married with a family, I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that this man turned down a higher position in another city because it would disrupt his family.

Solitude is something he keeps away from by being in a group of friends, a sports team that meets on weekends, a steady girl or at least a buddy he sees every week.

Being liked is important to him, he is also afraid of being made fun of, so he keeps to societies rules.

If he is a Cancer man that is trying to reach the top levels of a company or industry, he isn't doing it for the money, he's doing it to be known or for his reputation.

When he gets it, he won't easily let some younger, hungrier man come and take away his position, only one thing can do that, his family. If he is still single, no one will be able to take his position away.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Cancer Male

The immature/underdeveloped Cancer male is owned by his feelings; he isn't in charge of them. He is way too impressionable, too mushy; he has too many intense feelings.

He is a pile of paradoxes and incompatibilities. He believes himself to be the most important; this attitude brings him no understanding or allies.

This Cancer man wants attention so much that he will do anything to get it.

He may use his health as an attention getter; there may be some imagined symptom or ailment that is always troubling him.

Who wouldn't be sympathetic to that?

He may go from prideful autonomy to feeling lost and alone. There are times that he will hide himself away from others so that he can torture himself with depression, shame and negative thoughts.


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