Leo Female -The Evolved Underdeveloped Personality

On this page you will find the descriptions for Leo Females/Women Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature Leo Female

This Leo woman is similar to the evolved Leo male; she is prideful, she likes luxury and is a great girlfriend.

Let me expound on the love of luxury, hers extends to; clothing, she likes labels and jewelry, she values them.

Authors note* I have a Leo cousin and she has a collection of ruby jewelry for which her husband gives her a piece on every special occasion).

This Leo woman may have a standing bill for her "looks" in her monthly accounting and it's most probably high.

Like her counterpart Leo male, she has a high sex drive, although to engage it, she must be relaxed and comfortable with her partner and surroundings.

If you are man trying to get into this lady's pants, unusual(kinky) places are a no no.

This Leo lady has a trusting heart that never falters and she tends to fall for men who end up violating her trust.

She shouldn't be so trusting with every man that knows how to push her emotional love buttons, this way she avoids such pain.

She probably has more than her fair share of breakups or separations, she can be naive when it comes to how things and people seem.

She has deep feelings and needs emotional love to be at harmony.

And so, she shouldn't marry or become committed to a man whose finances is the only appeal. If she does love or marry for money, she will soon realize that there are other things that matter to her, like; emotional love.

The Immature Leo Female

This Leo woman wants to be the "H.B.I.C.", so she can dominate the others around her who she thinks are less than her.

She tries hard to be first or the one, so hard in fact it exposes her naiveté, slothfulness and uneasiness.

As for her main shortcoming:

This Leo woman is an inclined to favor some people over others.

Who are they? Oh the ones who kiss her @%%, not people who are genuinely caring or sweet and are apt to tell her what they really think when they think she is doing wrong.


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