Gemini Female - Evolved and Underdeveloped Dispositions

On this page you will find the descriptions for Gemini Females/Women Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Gemini Female

This Gemini has all the merits and flaws of the Gemini male though somewhat muted.

It's hard to imagine this Gemini woman alone for long. She isn't too much of a loner. She needs her buddies. She has to go out and do things. She has no problem finding friends or things to do.

She is magnetic and provoking, men are attracted to her. Men try to keep her attention, it's hard for any one man to do this for a long time, yet, she never runs out of men wanting to try.

People want to know her; she's upbeat, cheerful and self-collected. She is always up for a talk. She is a bit of a gossip; this sometimes gets her into trouble.

Her kind of love is like her Gemini personality. She seems mercurial; she wants you one moment the next she doesn't, how frustrating for the man trying to win her.

Even if she is this way, she is always ready to listen to how her man feels, as long a he can get her to stop talking.

She likes men who are hard to get; the chase invigorates her; she may lose interest once she gets him though.

Her mates/ boyfriends may find it difficult to always create the mental stimulation she needs. However, if her partner is compatible this Gemini woman can be truehearted and guileless. Go figure.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Gemini Female

This Gemini woman wears other people out. She needs you to be empathetic. She needs you to care for her.

She needs her feelings valued. She needs you to respect her time. All this makes her feel good. She deserves it.

She demands the fine things, the happy times, the joyful and elating, but will turn away anything she deems to be a disagreeable chore.

She resents a tedious and boring job. If she is pushed to acquire one, she feels like she's been convicted, to jail. Frankly, she was made for a prouder position.

This Gemini woman should be the focus of attention, there's no "putting this baby in the corner".

Gemini is a Twin zodiac sign. 2 people in one body. Two personas in one-person.

This Gemini is not sexually repressed, not at all.


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