Aquarius Male - The Mature and Immature Traits

On this page you will find the descriptions for Aquarius Male Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Maure/Evolved Aquarius Man

This Aquarius male has an open mind that is accompanied by a rich imagination. He doesn't have many biases. He doesn't have any irrational fears.

He enthusiastically learns from others, he knows there is so much we don't know. He will change long held ideas if he realizes that his former thoughts were defective.

He is able to remain objective.

He establishes his friendship with others who are like-minded and because he admires them.

He sometimes mortifies people around him because he can't hold his tongue. He divulges things he shouldn't and becomes known for his gaffes.

When he has children, he is the most interesting father; they'll like his peculiar friends, unusual involvements and his imagination.

It is rare for him to trust others just because they want him to; he needs to examine, analyze and size up a person before that happens. The funny thing is; if he is subject to the same thing, he is very ill at ease.

This Aquarius man feels deeply however, it's more of a general love for human beings.

If he says he is fond of you, he should be believed for it is rare for this kind of man to lie about that.

Sometimes, he feels lonesome; it's not easy for him to enter into long-term relationships.

Most of his relationships start from a platonic friendship; he likes to have a friend/lover type of thing going. He also needs a partner who isn't small-minded.

He needs a romantic partner who finds his interests interesting. He needs a woman who won't mind him not being the traditional romantic, but he makes up for it in other ways.

He needs a woman who isn't highly sexed because he believes that sex is only a small part of life.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Aquarius Male

The open mind of the Aquarius zodiac sign becomes too open-minded in this Aquarius man, so much so that he becomes unable to do anything.

His reasoning becomes foggy. He knows he has things he needs to do, but doesn't know where to begin. In addition to that, he may lack courage.

Chances are missed because he falters. Chances are lost because he wastes his time on trivialities.

He brings trouble to himself by being thoughtless, unfocused and undiplomatic.


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