Leo Male -Propensities of the Mature and Immature

On this page you will find the descriptions for Leo Male/Man Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Leo Male

This male makes a great executive/boss.

He is the kind of boss that understands his workers, he probably worked from the ground up in the company; he's not just some bureaucrat.

So, he will not ask anyone to do anything that he hasn't or wouldn't do himself.

If he is in charge of others at work, he clearly delegates what he want’s them to do. When a good job is returned he praises clearly, when the job returned is bad, he is also equally clear.

This Leo man goes through a workaholic phase that abruptly dips into a veg out/couch potato phase.

This mercurial manner often infuriates his partner or people around him.

This Leo man is an attention getter; it's neither because of his height nor even his looks.

What gets the attention? It's all in his dignified manner; you just can't ignore that in a man.

He's majestic, he always looks good. His taste in clothes is commented on by others, even in passing.

I'll tell you one thing, love him or hate him; he elicits a strong emotion out of everyone he meets for the first time.

He loves to host, whether around friends, family or strangers, he want everyone to have a good time.

He's super magnanimous, trusting and very loving, being this way, makes it easy for him to get hurt and disillusioned.

He must not lose this character trait because his big heart and forgiving nature allow him to find the silver lining and turn things around.

He does love his lavish things, so much so that a life of opulence is one of his main goals.

This Leo man thinks of the past sentimentally, he looks optimistically to the future.

This man has deep feelings, he will purposefully wear a shield self-importance just to hide his tenderness, but mark my words; his emotions come from the heart.

To be sure he is prideful, no other zodiac sign can compare to the pride of a Leo lion. When his ego is hurt his mental agony can be so acute it brings on physical pain.

As a husband he likes to provide for and take care of his wife and family.

As a boyfriend he can be affectionate, candid and overall terrific. Whatever you ask him nothing is a problem.

Nothing is too good for the one he loves, or anyone he loves for that matter. As the second Fire element Sign he is a fervent lover. His love is earnest. His affection, pure.

He may have a high sex drive and so it follows that sex is important to him.

Whether a one night stand, short term or long term relationship; an intimate experience for him is something that he puts his whole being into.

He enjoys and wants you to enjoy "The sex".

He is one sexy and magnetic man, women tend to flock to him. He is all the things that most women want; he's manly and he appreciates women greatly, he's affectionate and unselfish.

His main fault if you can call it one is that he needs and loves to be praised and highly regarded.

If you are reading this to find out more about a Leo male that you have your eye on you can't go wrong praising and showing him how you respect him.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Leo Male

This Leo male tries to hard to gain ground to soon, which exposes his indolence, inexperience and impatience.

This Leo male also wears an intentional shell of importance; however, it's to control people who he believes are subordinate to him.

This underdeveloped Leo man is unredeemed by his hunger for respect.

His ambitions run toward being an authority figure or someone with a high ranking position, alas, when he gets there he proves to be unqualified for it.

To use a political term, this Leo male is into Cronyism, to be more specific, emotional cronyism. He would rather have people around him that kiss his &**.

He is not one to judge women on their true merit; he tends to go for women that are vapid and beautiful or nicely moneyed.

Sexually, he is impossible to satisfy and lacks control over his urges. He is apt to be sexually perverse.

There are some underdeveloped Leo men who look for women who are not their equal. This sees to it that Leo is the one in charge of the relationship.


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