Scorpio Female -The Mature and Immature Disposition

On this page you will find the descriptions for Scorpio Female Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Scorpio Female

This Scorpio woman makes a wonderful mom to her kids and she expects the best from them, she sets a high bar for them to reach.

This woman is all woman, in spite of her intense character. She has sensuality, warmth and a big heart that loves deeply.

This Scorpio woman doesn't make it easy on her boyfriend/partner or friends. She tends to be demanding.

Even though she is effective and persuasive, she has no tolerance for failings in others.

She is relentless when it comes to her principles.

Oftentimes, she finds herself in relationships with weak men and soon enough he riles up her unsuitable characteristics.

However, she is apt to think that having a man who is not her match is better than being alone for a time.

Typically, she doesn't squander her beneficial traits on any mere man, oh no, only the men who have gained her regard and affection are the ones to ever see her more feminine, responsive and submissive side.

She is also one to be possessive of her lover and jealous of female attention given to him; there is no way around it.

In spite of her man's words of loyalty and dedication, she will always need to hear how committed he is.

The Immature/Underdeveloped Scorpio Female

When this Scorpio woman is bad she is horrid.

Things that other women find a little irritating infuriate her.

Matters that make other women feel victorious make her feel self-important.

Things that make other women feel a bit neglected make her envious and mean-spirited.

This woman will not be shown up by anyone; she wants the focus of everyone's attention on her.

She plays with people, knocks them down just to get the attention of everyone around her.

She is happy to find someone's flaw. She goes on to take that flaw and divulge it to everyone else.

She may make fun of her friends and it isn't really funny to them, although she finds it fun. She may come to lose her friends because of this.

All this hails from the Scorpio propensity to self-destruct; doing this to her friends, assures her friends will abandon the friendship and this hurts her.


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