Capricorn Female -Attributes for the Evolved and Underdeveloped

On this page you will find the descriptions for Capricorn Female  Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Evolved Capricorn Female

This Capricorn woman is unemotional and like the Capricorn male, once you get her to reveal her truer self, she has deep warmth underneath.

The relationships that allow for her to be her most affectionate and warm are the ones that are permanent such as; long term relationships or a marriage, but her feelings show the more when she is happy.

She is an ambitious lady; she wants to get ahead in life and she will do what she has to in achieving this goal.

She is also a woman who has ambitions for the ones she loves; she will try to direct the steps to those goals she believes are the right ones for her boyfriend/husband and/or children.

Her loved ones will certainly find this trait annoying and intrusive, but she means well. She only sees the potential in them and wants to help them see that too, so they can develop and achieve by using that potential.

This lady Capricorn spares no pity for people she believes are lazy.

She may like to try and match up her friends on dates, trying to fire up long term relationships between two people she thinks are right for one another.

She has in interest in her own relationship, as well as the love lives of those around her.

Most people who are subject to her matchmaking would rather her stay out of their lives, but again, she means well; she wants her friends and loved ones to be happy and they will be with her right choices.

One of her biggest faults is her desolate moods, (see underdeveloped Capricorn woman). She tends to get into a glum mood and needs time to emerge from them, but only on her own time, she can’t be forced to be her happy self again.

The Underdeveloped Capricorn Woman/Female

Feeling disheartened and hopeless is her main Achilles’ heel, she can be down in the dumps for a long time.

When she gets this way it is best for her to try and go out, hang out with loved ones, or just get some much needed affection and care. These things should help her to feel better sooner.


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