How to Attract a Capricorn Astrology Sign

Capricorn December 22nd-January 20th

A Capricorn astrology sign is aloof at first. You shouldn't worry about it, they're just estimating what the risks may be in dating you.

Capricorns always calculate the risks; no mater how attracted they are to you, your risk factor will be assessed.

It is up to you to convince Cappy that you're worth the risk. How do you do that?

Well, you make sure Capricorn knows and believes that you are mentally sound in all categories of life.

A Capricorn astrology sign wants to know that if your romance should end you won't be vindictive have a tantrum in public, or crack-up.

They don't want one of those people that threatens to commit suicide or sue them.

You have to show Capricorn that you are able to let go and move on amicably and remain friendly with them.

If you’re a risky sort of person better, you find a Gemini or Sag.

Capricorns think about the long term, quality and investments. This is the way they will assess you as a prospective lover.

Oh yes, Cappy's are capable of flings, but they'll think about how good it will be to embark upon that sort of thing.

A Capricorn's reputation is very important to them, they will not risk getting into something that will end up making the ex-lover hate them or trash the life that they have built.

To pull in a Capricorn astrology sign, you have to make them believe that you're a genuine and quality person.

You are disciplined, consistent, honest; these are all merits that are high on Cappy's list. Cappys are a willing audience so, go ahead and chat them up.

Capture Capricorn's interest by being a fun person; Cappy's are very gloomy and are always in need of a little optimistic fun.

Even when Capricorn is exposing who they are to you, you'll find that they're still enigmatic. This is because a Capricorn isn't willing to show their emotions so they hide them.

The fears Capricorns have in showing emotions may be unwarranted, but you won't convince them easily of that.

Capricorns love people who offer mental stimulation.

Cappys like to talk about serious subjects.

When a Capricorn finds the need to impart their opinion, listen as if they're your Guru. When you answer back, please refrain from your most extreme views; Cappys are traditional.

Capricorns have interest in the arts, theatre, and music. Although people with this zodiac sign appreciate opulence; you should be careful that you don't make Cap think you spend money to impress others, they won't respect you. When you have a date with Capricorn never be late.

The motto of the Capricorn astrology sign is * time is money, money is time. Don't ever brag about your achievements to Capricorn, they believe that accomplishments should speak for themselves. The best thing to do is wait until Capricorn starts to ask you about your successes.

The most impressive person to a Capricorn is a self-made person; accentuate how you found your own way.

Socialites do not impress Capricorns (Girl or Boy ones), Cap's have a disdain for these kinds of people.

Don't name drop, show shallowness or show yourself to be a fake. Your voguish sports car will never impress Capricorn nor will your gaudiness.

If you are like some women who own the latest Prada bag or trendy designer shoes, but can't pay your rent; or you're a man that has an expensive car, but you don't own a home, keep it moving.

Your expensive shoes and bag don’t impress Capricorn. Nor your car; they’ll think you’re an idiot.

If you really do have money, wonderful; careful with the nouveau riche tendencies.

If you are an outrageous dresser, leave those outfits for other people; no slogans on T-shirts, no torn up jeans, no showing of your sexy parts, ladies. You shouldn’t be vulgar in your dress style.

Glam is different; Capricorns have a secret attraction to anything glamorous. If you can incorporate quality Glam into your style go for it.

The Capricorn astrology sign male or female will melt in your hands because your glamorous style will bring more to their image, Capricorn will think you are good for their reputation.

Always remember that it's dependability and quality for the long-run that Cap's want from life, their possessions, and you. Make it clear that you can attend to yourself, you’re not expecting to be a kept woman or man.

When it comes to spending money, Capricorn thinks it's sensible to purchase something that is expensive, but will last for a long time.

Talk to a Capricorn about the home you're paying off, your antique jewelry, your first edition books, your antique furniture.

When it comes to gift giving, you should get Capricorn something they can use, something practical. You may do well with something
antique or worth much in value.

A gift for Capricorn should be of quality and not too flashy. You won't go wrong with a book especially ones on; biographies, self-improvement, money and investments. A plus would be if it's signed.

Some people may think that Capricorns are stingy and mean with money, they have it wrong.

Capricorn astrology sign people aren't prone to splurge on gifts for others or themselves, but if they value you, they'll spend on you thoughtfully and wisely; well, eventually.

The best thing about Capricorn's style in gift giving is that it is truly a gift; they aren't trying to buy you, nor are they giving it with ulterior motives intact.


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