How to Attract an Aquarius Astrology Sign

Aquarius Jan. 20–Feb. 18

To pull in an Aquarius astrology sign person, come off as; a free thinker, ahead of your time, an individual.

You have to strike Aquarius as being a cut above average; Aquarians are searching for someone who is different.

"Different" delights Aquarius. People who are "out there"; artists, avant-garde, activists, refugees, research scientists, composers, poets, philosophers, all fascinate Aquarius.

Aquarians are attracted to the freakish and strange.

If you have an unusual talent, let Aquarius in on it. If you are far out from suburbia, all the good.

You should also, underscore whatever in your personality that is curious, or off-the-wall.

Never let an Aquarian think you are ordinary, conforming, restrained or dull. Make sure Aquarius knows you don't conform to the usual ways.

Even if an Aquarian didn't have the nerve to buck the establishment or be a drop out of school or something, they admire people who did do that and found their own way.

Whatever is the "it" thing to do or have or see; you should hold scorn for it, the Aquarius astrology sign will like that.

Don’t be afraid to show Aquarius the water bearer your antagonistic side.

If you can genuinely make blistering remarks about "The Rich" and Super-rich, that drive their latest BMW’s to their boardroom meetings; who take yacht (island hoping) Va-ca's; who love their chic nightclubs and VIP rooms, hobnobbing with P-diddy, Jay-Z/Beyonce, superstars and supermodels, all the better.

Dress differently; wear Indian Sari's or Tibetan sandals, or Moroccan shirts.

Talk to Aquarius about famous drop out's like; Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Brad Pitt, Richard Branson, Quentin Tarantino, Dhirubhai Ambani (Asian/Indian Billionaire).

If you are a combination of Drop out/millionaire, Aquarius will esteem you highly.

Another way to get Aquarians attracted to you is to floor them by guessing what sign they are.

If you let them know you're studious in Astrology and you would like to draw up a chart for them, they'll be thrilled.

Telling them you are sure of how unique their chart will show them to be; Aquarians glow whenever someone mentions how unequaled they are. At least they will be happy to get a free reading.

Aquarius astrology sign people have a passion for speaking; this is the way to grab their interest. Aquarians like good talkers as well as good listeners.

Aquarians make good listeners too, they show concern for all things and people. However, When Aquarius does speak to you, they expect to be paid attention to.

Never be afraid to talk the dreaded; sex, politics and religion with an Aquarian. There are no taboos in conversations with an Aquarius.

The Aquarius astrology sign is a highly social zodiac sign; friends come easily to them.

Aquarians are fun and interesting to talk to, however they prefer to speak about serious matters.

Aquarians are usually elusive but courteous; it's hard to get through this part of their personality, it's particularly hard if you confront them directly.

Whenever you confront an Aquarius about anything, they'll pull back from you.

Want to ask an Aquarius out? Go ahead you might want to say" I can come around to your place and bring Thai so we can really chat and get to know each other".

Aquarians like a good meal if it means they don't have to cook it or buy it. Don't forget the bottle of wine.

Aquarians are not the regular boring (meat and potatoes)eater; Aquarians favor something a little more exciting like Asian fusion cuisine.

Aquarians are interested in science, books and art.

Aquarius astrology sign people are also captivated by their hobbies and Gizmos (phones, ipods, Gps’s) what have you.

If you aren't into in the same things and hobbies, don’t be jealous of the fact that they may take time with Aquarius away from you.

Aquarius like Capricorn will find no value in Armani suits or Manolo or Louboutin shoes.

Unlike Capricorn the reason for their non-interest is that they're into the casual "Who cares about fashion anyway" look.

You may find that an Aquarius,is quite oblivious to fashion statements, so much so you may think them tasteless dressers.

Aquarians are big humanitarians; it's not hard to get them all sympathetic to the plight of the world's most unfortunate.

Aquarius is big on fixing what's wrong with the world; although they're mostly hands-off than hands-on.

Sure, they feel strongly on what should be done to help the people of the third world, but they won't feel the need to go feed people in a place full of communicable diseases.

You should always give an Aquarius time to get to know you, count on you and finally have faith in you.

Be sure when advising Aquarius astrology sign people, they're intelligent; if you give Aquarius bad advice too many times they may just avoid you.

When an Aquarian does make a mistake don't keep bringing it up repeatedly, they'll admit to it once but, let them and forget about it.



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