Leo Seduction Techniques

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The Dionysian or Roman orgy for two...tactic...

This is pure theater, so you must have flair. This Leo seduction is an idyllic, extraordinary and sinful; well in keeping with Leo's flair.

First you ask Leo to come over to your place for dinner. The day should fall on the next (Friday, Saturday or long weekend) evening you have free; you'll see why soon.

The theme for your evening is a Romanesque atmosphere. Go shopping for decoration for your home, don't forget the candles.

Buy either wine or champagne in excess, (meaning more than one measly bottle).

Load up on delicious things to eat like; grapes, smoked salmon, oysters, asparagus soaked in butter.

 caviar, figs, cheeses, pistachios, strawberries, sorbets or ice cream and whatever else you can think of.

On the day of, lay everything out and decorate your home. Go and get ready in appropriate roman dress aka toga.....

When Leo rings your bell, grab a glass of your beverage open the door. You'll happily surprise Leo when you hand them the glass of wine or champagne and they see it's not a "regular" dinner you have in store for them.

Get Leo to lean back on the sofa, place an ottoman under their feet. Make sure Leo is relaxing close to where you have the table loaded up with your bottles of wine or champagne, savory and sweet foods.

Keep replenishing Leo's glass. Be a royal servant to Leo. Shower Leo with care and attention. Soon enough Leo will move over so you can join them on the couch.

Not to mention Leo's hand coming up to relieve you of your toga and then...


The Dinner fit for a Queen or King...tactic...

If your not inclined to a theatrical performance you can try this Leo seduction to seduce a Leo.

Use your computer to make a formal dinner invitation or buy a set of invitations.

The invitation should say:

Dinner party
Formal dress

Leo will assume that you are inviting them to a dinner for 6 or more people. The surprise is it's just for the two of you.

Find some high end recipes on our handy dandy widgets posted here to cook; if your not good in the kitchen, hire a caterer or order from a restaurant. Decorate your table with fancy dishes, silverware and candles, don't forget the flowers. Now get dressed in your "going out" clothes.

When Leo gets to your home they will surely wonder if they are early, just softly say; " Oh no, it's just the two of us baby, this night was only for you"If Leo stays for dinner, play your cards right and they will be there for breakfast.

(The movie scene) Role playing...tactic...

Leo has a desire for theatrics and this Leo seduction exploits that.

Consider the movies:

  • Elizabeth Taylor's, Cleopatra (Cleopatra and Marc Anthony)

  • Memoirs of a Geisha ( Sayuri and the Chairman)

  • The Italian movie, Harem suaré (Safiye and Nadir)

  • Moulin Rouge (the young bohemian English writer, Christian and star courtesan, Satine)

  • The New world (Explorer, Captain John Smith and the Princess Pocahontas)

  • The Center of the World (Shane Edelman, Peter Sarsgaard)
    Striper with lollypop and client

  • Poison Ivy - The New Seduction with (Jaime Pressly) as the Temptress
  • Find any other seduction type of film you can think of and copy it.

    Buy one---Get one (BoGo)...tactic...

    Leos place a high value a daring personality.

    In this Leo seduction you are going to personify the words "smooth operator". Embody the word "brave". "Shop until you drop", is a Leo Motto. Leo's even find joy in window shopping. Go shopping with Leo.

    If you trying to seduce a Leo male, let Leo advise you on sexy underwear. Whisper to Leo; "If you got me this, I would wear it for you and let you take it off me." A Leo male wouldn't reject that.

    If you are after a Leo female, buy her that sexy and expensive intimate apparel she is looking at. Add to it one stipulation, that she wear it for you just so you can take it off her.


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