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Try this Liquor induced Leo seduction

Give them a Buzz...tactic...

One vulgar but still effective tactic is: get Leo lightly toasted. Booze is a definite leg opener or pants dropper for Leo.

With a few drinks they can go from a sober elegant and refined manner to sinful and sluttish.

For all intents and purposes Leo's like to be glamorous, however, they can have their instances of salaciousness.

Cover them in flowers...tactic...

Leos love to be admired. Leo's love the theatrical performance. It must be a "show". If you can afford it, the day after you've gone out with a Leo woman send at least six dozen roses.

The flowers have to leave their colleagues green with envy.

Leo will love this and will surely call you to thank you for being so wonderful. When Leo does call ask them out. If you are lucky Leo may even invite you over to their place for dinner.

If Leo doesn't call to at least thank you, they aren't interested. Move it along.


The luxuriously-obscene-get away...tactic...

This tactic requires an unexpressed understanding by both of you; It also requires you to ask Leo to come away with you.

Ask Leo to come away for the weekend with you. Make sure when you ask, you sound as if you have researched where you are going to stay and it is the best, with the finest qualities.

Don't let Leo know that you have "dirty deeds" in mind for them, only royal luxury.

There is no need to tell Leo that the condition is that you'll be sleeping in the same bed.

Nor do you have to come out and say "sex" is on the agenda either. Leos are candid and aren't shifty. A Leo will not use you just for your money.

If Leo takes you up on this offer they want you physically too. Besides Leos feel guilty using someone for their money when they know they aren't interested.

So, find a nice Vacation spot and reserve a single room with a double bed. Ask the hotel to have Champagne and strawberries waiting for you.

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