Do You Like a Leo Astrology Sign Person?

Leo July 24th-August 23rd

Do you Need to Know How to Attract that Leo?

The Leo astrology sign person will be impressed if you’re very funny. Leo's have good sense of humour and they love people to entertain them.

(Long ago every Monarch had a "fool" right?)


Pet Peeve for Leo Men:

Women that have a heavy hand applying makeup.

Pet Peeve for Leo Women:

A cheapskate. If you want to impress this Female Leo, don't hide your wallet.

Give Leo the Best

Male or female you have to remember that Leo astrology sign  believes in having the best at all times; they deserve it, first class is how they roll.

Let's say you are working on a Leo man and you’re cooking steak for him, impress him by getting the best cut of steak you can get from the best type of beef.

Make sure the wine makes them take notice, even if you aren't sure he knows about wine, if he hears from you it is the best he will be impressed. If he happens to bring the wine, rave about his choice…

Ooooh and aaaahhh, how wonderful the vintage is...

For the pièce de résistance, bring out a wonderful first class dessert like a soufflé.

Before all that though, make sure every single thing about the ambiance of your home is "the most Posh".

To get a Leo astrology sign Woman or Man, your credit had better be in great shape. Leos like to live the extravagant life. Remember, Leos like the best.

Don't try to bargain about price or complain about it with Leo around. They will be disgusted and think you low class.

If you think something is overpriced, you keep your lips sealed.

Don't start counting how much you've done to prove yourself to Leo since Leo is very generous and will repay you three times fold when they get a chance.

Out of every other zodiac sign, Leo is the one that will really notice if you are boring them to death. They will really notice if you are cheap.  These two things will influence how well they will evaluate you as a partner.

On the first few times you go out with Leo make sure they see how much you enjoy life and enjoy seeing other people happy.

Places to take a Leo:

  1. A cultural event
  2. An opening of a new art gallery
  3. An advance movie screening
  4. A cocktail party
  5. A book signing


Let Leo Know you Want Them

A Leo astrology sign person will never think a love interest is too arrogant or too confident.

You must seem certain of your attraction towards Leo, before Leo will return that attraction. If your desire for them is sure, Leo will enjoy talking to you and will want to get to know you.

Being forward with the fact that you want them for yourself, may detract other zodiac signs, making them feel you are brash,  pushy or needy, but a Leo astrology sign, won't think this at all.

So, if you are attracted to Leo, don't be shy about asking for Leo’s number as soon as you meet them . Leo astrology sign people don't mind if you come on strong and ask them for a date as soon as you meet them.

Your nerve will make them highly attracted to you. However, you must be the calm, cool, and confident kind not the stalker type.

If you want Leo to end up undressing you, please do gift wrap yourself in a way that will leave Leo the lion itching to get their hands on you.

You don't have to be a living, breathing fashion magazine picture.

Nevertheless, you should have a taste for quality. Don't be surprised if Leo checks your labels or notices labels.

Compliment Leo's looks

Leo's are obsessed with their hair. Leo women can't live without their hairdressers.

When depressed don't be surprised to find a Leo woman sitting in her hair stylist’s chair.

A hair stylist to a Leo woman is also her therapist.

In turn, the bulk of the income of many a hair stylist may rest on the shoulders of their Leo clientele.

Leo men on the other hand like to experiment with their facial hair. Depending on how they feel, you will see facial hair appear, go away and re-appear.

Don't ever fail to notice anything a Leo does with their hair or facial hair.

Make compliments over the top like; "Wow, amazing". "I want you too flick your hair all over me". "I love the feel of your beard on my skin".

Even when Leo's chosen style isn't complimentary, give them praise anyway.

You can never praise a Leo sign too much. It can be on their: style, teeth, hair almost anything and everything.

Unlike the Aries star sign, Leo won't think you are just brown nosing them.

They will take it as what they deserve. They'll also think you're sharp to notice so many great things about them. You’ll be deserving of them.

Drinks, Games, Art and Leo

Leos love the buzz they get from alcohol; only the best will do.

Rush to get them a glass of wine or pour them a drink; be ready to refill their glass.

Leo astrology sign people like to drink in good company; Leo will expect you to get buzzed too. If you’re a wuss when it comes to drinks, try a Virgo instead.

In all matters, Leo wants an equal in decadence, energy, glamour, playfulness, and passion.

Leos like to go gambling play poker, play games of chance ; they like the risks involved. They play to win so watch out. If you’re an expert player let them win you will reap the "benefits".

Try to get Leo to divulge what kind of Art they are interested in, then find out all you can about that type of Art, Leo will be very impressed.

If you are an Art lover and you can afford art, invite Leo over to your house to see your collection; don't worry about your dusting your art before hand Leo’s are not neat freaks.

They will only be interested in looking at your Art.


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