Even More Jigsaw Zodiac Puzzles

Zodiac puzzles are not our focus on our website, or any of the other divertissements we have on the site, but we wanted to add some levity to our pages, if only for the times that you don't feel much like reading.

We have more fun puzzles formed into jigsaws on this page as well as on others.

We took time to make these puzzles for you. They look simple enough but were time consuming, but boy are they fun to complete.

We wanted to add these for you, and there's a gimmick to them. We used images associated with astrology and the zodiac. You won't find these types of puzzles everywhere and you won't find these anywhere but on this site.

The usual adult jigsaws come in 3 kinds, 1000 pieces- hardest, 750 pieces, 500 pieces and 300 pieces - easiest.

For our own use we decided to make our puzzles from 22 up to 200 pieces, approximately. We made them in 3 levels the easy, medium and hard.

Try 3, do the 2 or choose to do just 1. Let us know if you want puzzles that are more difficult.

Black and white jigsaws are amongst the hardest puzzles. Our black and white puzzles are for the most skillful players.

Black and white puzzles take much longer and are more trouble solving because, there aren't any colorized clues. Hope you like them; let us know if you want more of them.

Please do try these puzzles, if you do, Send us a comment okay? We want to know if these are at least OK.

We will try to add more puzzles from time to time, while switching out old ones. Bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed so that you will know when the puzzles have been placed.

Right now though, choose a puzzle and start.

Hoping you like these puzzles,♣






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