Gemini with Gemini Compatibility

Gemini with Gemini


You will chew one another up and spit each other out, with a smile. You will exhaust one another and overwhelm each other.

But, you will have good times with one another.

Gemini, What He's Like...

He seems like he would be perfect for you. He gets that you desire a relationship that lets you connect to your partner at a higher degree or place.

He can be your buddy and your lover, only he will want you to show your nurturing side to him, and this isn't a side of yourself that you put into practice often enough for it to come natural to you.

Gemini with Gemini, What You are Like Together

The two of you will be drawn to one another straight away.

A passionate, clandestine liaison may be all that a Gemini with Gemini relationship adds up to.

You are a couple who chitchat, flirt and are partners in crime, as it were.

If one of you is the underdeveloped/immature type of Gemini male/Gemini female, the other has to be the more mature one.

The immature Gemini will not have a sense of responsibility; he/she misrepresents or distorts the truth. One of you has to be a solid enough person on his or her own to be able deal with this.

Gemini is a sign that thinks about what they feel rather than feeling what they feel, it's hard for Gemini to figure what is a real feeling.

You have instances that the two of you feel very close, you share the same desires; when one has a need, the other sympathizes.

You have a good compatibility when it comes to personal growth and learning.

Unless your individual charts say different, the two of you together will not aspire to great bank accounts, you aren't natural money makers. Whatever money you manage to get in your hands come with difficulty and once in your hands you tend to spend it.

One good thing that can come form your mutual love of debate/dispute, you each have a natural brainstorm partner in one another.

You can come up with wonderful tidbits, from brainstorming, things that could end up being successful.

Only the two of you like to start things, but you tend to not follow through to its natural end; it's a shame because you can come up with really good ideas and plans.

Gemini with Gemini -Love and War Between the Twins

Gemini people can act like children and so at times he will need you to mother him.

You too can be like a spoiled brat and when the both of you are being this way you will have disputes. When you fight you are like oil and water.

Your close friends shouldn't even try to get involved with your fights.

Woe betide anyone who tries to get in between you or pick sides because once you make up, that friend will be the bad guy; for the two of you have your own thing going, when it comes to fighting.

Fortunately, and since you are like kids together, you soon make up with no thoughts or grudges towards your previous fight.

If your fights get too contentious, you will both use words that cut too deeply and it will not bode well for your romance, because it will be on shaky ground.

You must have a profound enough love for one another to get over those types of fights without there being too much damage to the relationship.

This is what love is in a Gemini with Gemini universe:

You may break up and get back together a whole lot. 

You will be most attracted to each other once you start seeing other people in between your break ups, before long you are together again.

After you have been together for a long while, you will both go through a time that you harass each other into an agreement.

Intellectual war and emotional manipulations become more audacious, it getting to the point that you both are so worn out and drained of the will to fight.

Once you get hit bottom of your emotional and mental intrigues and games, you both find that there is nothing more to put the other through.

And so you will consider the tedious and conventional true commitment. This is when you will agree to make things permanent between you.

Gemini with Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

You mainly have a mental link; this bodes well for the bedroom, of course.

Gemini with Gemini, Romantic Summary

If you are both of the immature level of Gemini, this could end up being one of the worst relationships you've both ever had. Then you would feel like this:

Love Song 1:

Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way
Songwriters: Alphin, Kenny / Moody, Ben

You can go your own way!
Go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
Another Lonely day
You can go your own way!
Go your own way

You can have a long lasting love affair and together you should build a great relationship if the two of you are of strong  character, you may even marry.

In this case:

Love Song 2:

Fleetwood Mac You Make Loving Fun
Songwriters: Christine McVie

Sweet wonderful you,
You make me happy with the things you do,
Oh, can it be so,
This feeling follows me wherever I go.


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