More Aries Seduction

You still want more Aries seduction?

The Instigation...tactic...

We already know that Aries people love a challenge. Therefore, it's a natural conclusion that this would work on them.

Profess a hidden sexual fantasy that no one has ever known that you have. Tell Aries anything that could "instigate" them.

You could say, "I don't know much about oral sex." Or "I have always wanted to be tied up and taken."

Whatever you can come up with that will entice Aries will do fine.

The, I’m innocent...tactic…

First off, this seduction is best used by people in relationships already. Your sexual repertoire may just need a boost, because sex with your partner is in a rut.

Although a Hetero male could try this with an Aries, if he can stand it. The best candidates to get away with the, I’m innocent seduction would be a Gay male/Female or Hetero woman.

I am not telling you to straight out lie if you are not an innocent, but you can gratify the Aries fantasy of taking someone's cherry.

*Authors note...Costumes from a sex shop may come in great here "Ladies".*

  • The 18 yr old burgeoning sex kitten wanting to be "rid of it".
  • The girl who grew up in church school.
  • The conventional southern woman
  • The repressed preacher's son or daughter.

  • Tell Aries:

    "Be gentle, don't rush..."
    "It's my first time..."
    "Take care...I am really scared...Will it hurt?"
    "Oh please, I want you, but I am so frightened."

    If you’re telling the truth...Good for you...
    If you’re pretending with a *wink*, Aries will recognize that and start to play along, with a wry smile...

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