Aries Seduction

Another Aries seduction tactic is;

Shock them into submission...tactic...

If you are finding it hard to advance your seduction into a rage of passion, try: Operation: Shock them into submission.

Picture this: You and Aries are having a long and involved talk and you start wondering when oh when will the two of you start making out.

You can stop this directly with Operation: Shock them into submission.

Steal a kiss, right when you feel like it, even if Aries is in the middle of saying something.

The reaction you should be on the look-out for is one of stunned delight.

However, if instead you get a look of astonished revulsion, move on quick to all is fair in love and war, but this time please remember to time it right.

All is fair in love and war...tactic...

Aries enjoy the adrenaline of a face-off, the fervour of colliding of ego's, the feeling of combat.

In the ram's mind, it's a hop skip and a jump from a struggle to erotic foreplay.

A heated debate turns Aries on.

In Aries seduction, your "end" is to get to the physical level. However, you can use the mental or physical planes as a means to that "end".

Take part in these fields of battle with an Aries:

A Chess game, Board games or if you’re daring, strip poker or strip anything else.

Racquetball, Tennis, Basketball, “touch” Football.

Water sports, (in a pool, a lake or at the beach).

If you aren’t into sports, board games or card games, maybe you could just go for a revved up mental debate with Aries.

* Authors note; most of the time you are told to stay away from Religion or Politics, but in this instance with an Aries; go ahead...all is fair.*

When using the Aries seduction tactic: All is fair in love and war, your best bet would be mental debate. The reason behind this is, it can be drawn-out or abruptly stopped.

What you do is you start an energetic debate with Aries on... well anything. Get Aries really riled up... You can play devil's advocate. In other words whatever position they take you take the complete opposite stand.

When it becomes apparent to you that Aries has come to the point of war, you do the switch and kiss them savagely; ravish them. For more of a clue to what I am describing see, The slide into third base...tactic... .


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