Pisces Sign with Ascendant Combinations

Pisces sign with Libra rising

Libra rising will make the sympathetic and mystical Pisces even more so.

Pisces/Libra likes to live in a home or dress in clothes that have the soothing pastel colors of land, sea and sky; corals, dusty pinks, sky blues or the soft colors of lavender and yellow.

Pisces/Libra men like to see their mates in these colors.

They like anything lovely and pleasing to the eye, nothing harsh. Venus governs Libra after all.

Pisces sign/Libra rising will go from one mood to another.

Depending on their mood Pisces/Libra will be active or depressed unable to move to do anything.

If things are going well in their life Pisces/Libra should be happy and fun, but if anything is upsetting them, they may go through a period of sadness that keeps them away from their friends.

A Pisces/Libra rising is agreeable to Pisces/Libra will be pliable; being like this keeps the peace, most of the time.

Pisces/ Libra rising abhors angry discussions that end up causing drama, so they'll avoid, avoid, avoid.

Pisces/Libra reacts badly when they feel like they've given too much and are being run over or controlled by another. These reactions will cause friction in Pisces' relationships.

If Pisces/Libra is getting into a relationship only because they're lonely for love or romance, it would be wise for them to hold back and not jump into anything too quickly.

Pisces/Libra should refrain from doing anything because of an emotional reaction, it may be detrimental to future happiness.

If they do something rash just because they're feeling euphoric or depressed.

Pisces sign with Scorpio rising

This is a beneficial combination.

Scorpio rising gives this Pisces the cleverness, strength and imagination to get over whatever hardships they encounter.

Scorpio rising endows Pisces with more ambition.

Pisces gets a strong backbone from Scorpio, this Pisces won't be walked on by others. Yet, Pisces remains charitable and sympathetic.

This Pisces loves to help friends with advice. Scorpio rising gives them an extra layer that helps them give even better advice.

Scorpios are interested in the occult arts, spiritual studies and supernatural phenomenon.

This goes well with the Pisces' connection to all things mystical. This Pisces probably has physic gifts.

Life will place obstacles and boundaries before this Pisces. They'll have to deal with sadness and losses.

The good news is,these experiences will make them wiser and empathetic to others, as long as they don't let depression make them acrimonious.

Pisces should Keep their perspective and use what happens to them in an affirmative way, doing this helps them avoid depression and bitterness.

Pisces sign with Sagittarius rising

This Pisces will show a dual personality that seems peculiar.

Pisces is a Feminine sign; Sagittarius is a Masculine sign.

Pisces/Negative; Sagittarius/Positive. Double Mutable.

This is a blend of Pisces' mercurial moods and Sagittarius' irritability which produces many a fit, other people can never tell when these mood changes will happen.

The natural pliancy of Pisces will fight with the natural self-reliance of Sagittarius.

Of course, this inner struggle causes drama in your relationships.

A Pisces sign/Sagittarius rising can never be called heartless or stingy.

Sure, they may be thought of as be moody and changeable, but they're usually forgiven for that, since others treasure your polished appeal.

This Pisces will be more upbeat than other Pisceans.

They will be selfless and have an innate need to serve others, they'll be practical; two qualities that enables this Pisces to do good for thier lives and the lives of others.

This Pisces has a stronger backbone and a sounder mind because of their Sagittarius rising.

As a Pisces sign you require these two Sagittarian traits for without them, other Pisceans end up feeling like martyrs at worst or neglected at best.

Pisces sign with Capricorn Rising

This Pisces has an elusive persona that is not easy to read.

Pisceans appears to be lost in space, while Capricorns are down to earth.

The Aspects that Jupiter and Saturn make in this persons chart should be carefully interpreted, it may tell to what degree religious mysticism, occult arts, wastefulness, addictions and sexual deviance are expected to ensue from the melding of Pisces and Capricorn.

Modern Astrology names Neptune as the other ruler of Pisces sign, therefore, Saturn’s Aspects to Neptune should be investigated too.

Saturn exposes this Pisces to dashed hopes, many vexations and obstacles.

However, Saturn bestows upon them fortitude, perseverance, resolve and focus. He/she will have a serious mind and an ability to think up solutions.

They'll be attracted to age and experience in other people.

He/she may date and have relationships with Women/Men who are much older than he/she is.

Conversely, younger people may find an attraction to him/her.

This Pisces may have a strong need to do good. He/she may have an acute sympathy for people in need.

With this combination, this Pisces should watch out for hidden enemies and back-stabbing so called friends.

There will be people in their life who will try to defame them with malicious gossip.

Sometimes when this kind of things happens, Pisces will have no one to blame but themselves.

They may not have been as cautious in choosing who to trust.

At other times of betrayal, they may have just been fooled by the conniver and so it may not be your fault at all.

No matter how this happens, Pisces shouldn't let the hurt and pain turn them into a duplicitous hypocrite or someone who refuses to trust anyone, this would be easy for anyone to do, Pisces shouldn't.

Pisces sign with Aquarius rising

At first, this Pisces can seem more detached than other Pisces combos.

This Pisces has a pronounced need for privacy. It's not easy for him/her to show emotions, be trusting or share sentiments.

Therefore, misinterpretations tend to happen in their life.

His/her reserve may be mistaken for being anti-social; their uncertainties and concerns mistaken for fearfulness.

Pisces Sun makes them more apprehensive and uneasy.

Issues that have to do with love, marriage, dating and friendship have to be thought out thoroughly.

Pisces sign and Aquarius sign endow this person with a sixth sense about things.

Pisces and Aquarius motivate him/her to believe in the better angels of the human race.

He/she is capricious, confusing, evasive and captivating; he/she be careful to not come across as a flake.

This Pisces feels compelled to give to other people.

To protect himself/herself from people who attempt to roll over them, this Pisces has to be resolute in who he/she is.

It may be hard for this Pisces to trust another person's thought process.

This doubt leads them to take every piece of advice given to them with a grain of salt.

This doubt leads them to wave away constructive criticism as nonsense.

Their constant will to ignore hurdles or criticisms may prove damaging.

Fortunately, this cerebral facet is offset by Pisces' natural empathy.

They may have trouble in sustaining forward motion in their goals. There may be unjust rivalry and occasionally, hostility.

This Pisces should watch their reputation like a hawk, they may get offers that seem to good to be true, ripping them off or worse, ending them in jail.

As a Pisces sign/Aquarius rising, this person should be one of the wiser human beings in old age, through experiences, they'll learn a lot about people and life.

Pisces sign with Pisces rising

Around new people or long time friends, this person is a Pisces sign inside and out.

This person is a double Pisces sign.

Sometimes, he's/she's driven to go with his/her own feelings.

Sometimes, he'll/she'll roll with the currents.

Sometimes, he'll/she'll mold himself/herself into whatever he/she needs to be to achieve his/her objectives.

In a relationship, he'll/she'll want lots of space and plenty of tenderness.

Whether he'll/she'll admit it or not he'll/she'll like to day dream, nap or sleep.

He/she can easily be sucked into co-dependent relationships.

He/she can easily become addicted or obsessed.

He/she may often fall for stories from broken people down on their luck.

He/she should stop any situation that is inequitable.

He/she should head off anyone who tries to hold him/her back.

He/she should always take a firm stand when it comes to his/her freedom.

In some Pisces sign/Pisces people, the inherent unease and uncertainty is heightened.

If they let these feelings take control,advancements in life will be hindered.

Generally, this Pisces has a fundamental energy of good luck.

Life has a way of blessing them for the things they quietly do for others.

Just like Sagittarius, luck and good karma, helps this Pisces come out on top and come through trouble easier than other zodiac signs.

Like Sagittarius, this Pisces has an inborn self-trust and trust in things turning out well. If they don't let depression take over, this faith should be strong.

This Piscean likes dealing with things from an emotional level.

Their emotions can plunge abruptly into an undefined coolness.

Their emotions can change from a tranquil quietude to a tempestuous rage.

Their demeanor often switches between two normal personalities.

One will be; a sweet little Goldfish...

They'll be charitable and angelic. They'll be so dedicated that They'll put another person's happiness before their own and they won't need a thank you.

Giving to others makes them happy.

The other is; a cunning Shark...

They'll stay clear-eyed, neutral and unemotional. They'll use mental games and perception to figure out who a person wants them to be and they'll be that.

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