Zodiac Star Signs -Do you Agree with What is Said About You?

Zodiac star signs -my journey of understanding

I'm a Sagittarius. Usually the characteristics say I'm talkative, outgoing, boastful, too trusting etc ..etc..

Since I have been studying astrology, I have noticed that I switch from being a total Sagittarius..to a Scorpio type... to a co-mingling of both..

You see in addition to being a Sagittarius, I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart. These two signs have some qualities that are the same, but on the whole Scorpio is different from Sagittarius.

Because of this, I sometimes feel like I am of two minds.

These differences, when I think of them make me chuckle.

It has been a kind of personal development, mental game of mine, to determine in what situations I act more from my Sun(Sagittarius, or my Scorpio (several Planets).

When it comes to dating and relationships, I tend to trust absolutely at first; of course people are human and will sometimes lie to and mislead you, what matters is how you react.

But, I digress.

When it comes to men I am usually trusting right away(I go into relationships hopefully and happily).

However, when something makes me suspicious (because Saggy's are very intelligent and wise, thank you Jupiter!)

I become more of a Scorpio, wanting to analyze, investigate and get to the truth...

And truth is something that both these signs have a love for.

It's like something triggers what zodiac star sign takes over.

The one thing that I find funny about Scorpio and Sagittarius is that a mainstay in both profiles of these two signs is honesty.

Scorpios can lie with a straight face, So they instinctively know when a lie coming. Sagittarians can't lie to save their lives, they wish everyone was like that.

Let's say, Scorpio smells something fishy, they won't stop till they get the truth and if they do before you get them there on your own, your in big trouble with them.

Sagittarians just want you to come out and say exactly what you feel, even if it hurts them. Sagittarians are fair, live and let live types.

Sagittarians would rather hear the truth, forgive and move on...

To bring those statements back to personal. I am a Sagittarius so my natural state is to always be blunt and honest, sometimes tactless.

Scorpio, I believe tames that Sagittarian outspokenness and makes me more diplomatic.

Although I have had times that I have lied with a straight face (Scorpio), being a Sagittarius I feel guilty about it and I usually end up telling the truth and apologizing straight away.

I hate lying and I try not to do it, except for little white ones.

We read that Sagittarians are honest and sometimes we read that Scorpios lie. With me it comes down to respect and liking.

If I feel those things for a person I can't lie to them to save my life. If I am apathetic to someone or I don't like them I can lie to them royally, if I choose to.

As I've matured, I just find that unless I feel comfortable in telling someone who is close to me the truth, I mainly stay far from them and keep it superficial.

When it comes to finding out the truth; as I have matured that statement remains so. I like to hear and feel that something is the truth.

If I feel suspicious I ask more questions, if I am lied to, I find out the truth on my own. I do believe that people should be able to "be" and "think" whatever they want, they should also have the courage to tell it.

Have you felt like you were losing your mind because of the mix of your zodiac star signs?

Sometimes, you're not going batty, your zodiac chart is playing tricks on you. If you realize what's going on, it's easier to handle.

What about you?

Have you had your own journey of understanding of yourself through your zodiac signs?

What signs in your chart play with your head and heart?

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