Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo


You have many things in common and for this reason you begin a relationship.

Yes, you are very much compatible, but what happens when there isn't much difference between two people?

You get on one another’s nerves for the same flaws and you run the risk of getting bored.

Virgo and Virgo, What You are Like Together

What's wrong with being sensible, responsible and genuine? Why can't love be expressed through deeds and not silly words?

Who wants to be on a merry go round of excitement, tempestuousness and flirtation? Well, it's not all good when a couple is like Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, how did it go for them.

You both like perfection in all things and together you will strive to make a perfect relationship.

No matter what happens between you, you both seem to "get" where the other is coming from, because of this you have the power to please one another.

You have the same reasonable sense when it comes to finances.

If you live together you will have no problems fighting over what brand of whatever to buy, you like the same ones.

If you live together, you will have a 50/50 agreement when it comes to chores.

You know when couples recount how the day went to one another? Well, when the two of you do it, it's always an amusing story.

You have the same mindset on what you like to do as a couple.

Virgos don't like to go out as much as others. So, as a couple you may choose staying at home together or visiting each others separate places for the night, most times.

This is a routine that satisfies the two of you. Once in a while you do venture out to somewhere close and intimate.

Points of Conflict

In your relationship you both will find it hard to meet halfway when you have a difference in views.

Another thing the two of you need to watch out for is the propensity you both have to focus on trivial points.

The thing is you get on swimmingly or you pester the hell out of one another; and because of this, you will get into fierce arguments.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sexual relations isn't something either of you place at the top of a relationship priority list.

This doesn't matter since you share an attachment that is warm and tender.

You are very turned on by one another, when you make love though, the two of you can get too judgmental of one another’s flaws; this isn't very good for passions.

But, when you leave yourselves open and trust one another you have the potential to have spiritual lovemaking, full of passion, untamed and profound.

Virgo and Virgo, Romantic Summary

This pairing is long lasting and may lead to permanent commitment.

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