Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus

As a Virgo woman, you are the perfect woman to him and for him.

You are a woman he could possibly marry or at least build a life with.

He is better for you than a fiery Aries man would be.

Taurus, What He's Like...

He values how tidy you are about your home.
He sees how well you treat your body.

You'll treasure how durable his feelings are.
You'll find him to be a man who has an abiding force and is able to withstand adversity and deals well with stress.

He is candid in how he feels, he has patience and he is amiable.

You may not be as traditional as other people see you, but you mark off all the qualities he wants in his darling.

He thinks you are tender, kind and merciful.

He thinks you manage people in a caring manner.

You'll discover that he is the warm, affectionate and caring man that you've been looking for.

Virgo and Taurus, What You are Like Together

He is more naturally in touch with his feelings than you may be at the start of your relationship, but he is a man that can induce more emotional responses in you than other men.

But, he is possessive of his woman and will get jealous although, you don't really do anything that would drive him to be that way. Still, you find that his jealousy somehow makes you feel loved.

Your mindsets are one and the same when it comes to how one should live their lives and how to manage finances.

You both tend to set detailed goals for your lives.
You both have an ingrained dread of owing money to creditors.
These two sets of qualities provide a good and solid foundation to build a true partnership on.

He nurtures you and you sustain him.
This man likes to enjoy the home that he has worked hard and saved much to provide for himself and his possible family.
When you are sick or just tired, he will cook you something wonderful.

Although, you aren't the domestic goddess he imagined his woman would be, you are effective and you take care of him well.

You don't have a problem keeping a clean home for him to relax in.

He isn't cheap when he does venture to take you out for a night of "couple time".

He can calm you because where you are prone to get nervous and worried he has good-natured tolerance.

Things that confound him you are easily able to comprehend and you help him.

Virgo and Taurus- Points of Conflict

Something that may lurk in your relationship and put it in danger is the propensity you both have to become comfortable staying at home in your routine.

No matter how much the two of you may like routine, it can breed boredom; combat boredom by going out once in a while or inviting friends over.

He doesn't like discord and there is a danger of causing his affection for you to dwindle depending on how you try to resolve things.

There are 2 ways in which you can try to work things out:

You may try confronting him in an effort to get an honest answer, if he isn't ready he will pull away.

If you keep on pestering him about it, he'll think you are just bringing "drama" and will start to doubt the two of you have a chance.

This is a better way:

If you leave him alone once you have made your point, and you keep yourself from trying to force him into talking, he will soon come to you and work things out.

In order to make this romance last, you should both take care of each other's heart and be kind with one another.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

As far as sex goes, it will be physical; you will have it quite a lot. Sex will be direct and vanilla, no kink.

He is one man of the zodiac that can get you going in the bedroom; you find sex with him to be très sexy.

When he does have a sexual proposition, you won't have a problem going along with it.

Virgo and Taurus, Romantic Summary

He will be the center of your life and he will build his world around you, a perfect match.

The two of you may even have a possibility for a permanent commitment.

You are both strong and worthy lovers, you would make a good marriage. Even if you are not as far as that, you have a relationship that will be the envy of your friends.

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