Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio


It's feasible that your pairing could be a serene and easy; the snag is, he needs drama in a relationship to really get into it.

Scorpio , What He's Like...

He respects your consistency, your judgment and that you love to be of help.

He will not be an easy man for you to understand, he loves and hates with passion. When it comes to his point of view things are and remain black and white, there is no gray.

Virgo women rarely get to really know Scorpio men, they focus on the incorrect things and they don't know how to cope with Scorpio.

This is a man capable of driving you nuts trying to understand who he is and why he feels as he does.

Virgo and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

You are not alike, but you do have mutual traits:

You both like to judge and are not afraid of verbalizing your opinions.

You are both quick to point out the faults of others, but can't take much criticism yourselves.

Typically you have the same mindset on spending money, so if you share finances there won't be many fights.

And although, you have real differences, they attract you to one another there is something about your differences that helps to bond you.

If you stick it out with one another, you'll find that since you like to dig into things to find the truth, you actually can get along.

Virgo and Scorpio -Points of Conflict

You can easily play devils advocate pointing out how certain standpoints could be valid.

If he feels injured or offended by someone, you should be on his side, not telling him the reason he was wrong; He will be irritated and doubt your loyalty.

You are a pragmatic person, your temperament is pretty chill, when he gets too emotional, you don't know how to cope with it

When you pester him about anything he will freeze you out and become bitter.

He is easily made to feel insecure; when he is feeling insecure he gets needy.

He becomes possessive when it isn't called for, no matter how much you are committed to him.

You will have a clinical type of dissection of your relationship going on in your interactions, always talking about things and problems, but never really getting to solutions.

But, the silver lining is Scorpio does need a therapist/life coach and you are good at putting people to right.

Lack of passion may be a problem between you. In order to push him through the stages into a commitment he needs a woman who knows how to stir his passion the whole way.

The woman who incites passion in him will be the kind of woman written about in the book Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl by Sherry Argov.

Yeah, that's right she wears the pants, she gets him panting with one look.

This particular woman not only behave in the way I mentioned, but she gets a hold of him and drives him to be nicer by her sultry hold over him.

But you are a woman who likes a man to wear his pants; you are at home being agreeable and indulging.

You are at your best, being good, tolerant and considerate.

You have qualities that he likes in a woman and he will gladly avail himself of those qualities and leave when he has had his fill

(never really becoming committed).

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility, Sexual Love

It's hard for him to say what he feels; he is a bit shy about that, he is sure to find that it's easier to tell you how he feels when you are making love.

He has the ability to take you places sexually that you've never been, if you can open up to him emotionally and express your love when you are making love, he will too;  it could be amazing.

Virgo and Scorpio, Romantic Summary

When things are tough for the two of you it is difficult enough to break you apart.

You both will really have to put in the work here.

But you can build a great relationship together, even a long lasting permanent one if you have a chart that melds enough to brings some passion in your pairing.

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