Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius


Virgo and Sagittarius , What He's Like...

You know what don't want in your life and you know what you want; he appreciates this about you.

He is animated, forthright and amiable and this attracts you to him.

He can also be arbitrary and you won't like that.

You like the way he handles himself and how he dresses and are physically drawn to him from the start.

He fascinates you. He is so personally appealing and natural that you can't help but fall for him.

He catches a woman's attention like a sexy car, but if a woman were to look under the hood what she finds will not be as impressive; not unless you have one of the good ones on your hands.

Virgo and Sagittarius, What You are Like Together

Sagittarians would rather provide for their own needs without help from others, they don't really need anyone. Sagittarians are only with you if they want to be.

You want a lover who needs you in their life.

You aren't a very possessive woman, but this man has the ability to bring this out in you, don't feel bad he does this is all women he's with.

If you are with him then you don't want him entertaining other women, even just to flirt.

The trouble is he is a major flirt and will always be one, he's a magnet; you can either learn to abide this or don't get involved with him.

He likes to hang out with his friends and sometimes will make plans with them instead of you. You may even urge him to spend time with his friends, unwittingly allowing him time to pursue other women.

He'll promise to take you to an amazing place for dinner and forget promising you and then taking one his other girls there.

I wouldn't be surprised if he casually mentions that he has recently gone there with a "friend". Anyway, once that happens you will lose a little bit of that attraction to him.

You want a relationship that is down to earth, almost boring to him; he likes the high of conquering a hard to get woman, he wants to be aroused by a woman.

When it comes to women he isn't picky, he'd rather try them all.

You would rather select a guy who is un-embellished in his personality, a man who is uncomplicated and considers a woman before getting involved.

Virgo and Sagittarius- Points of Conflict

Problems will start once you start asking too many questions.

When he says something to you he expects you to believe him, if you question his motives he will be hurt.

When you meet him and you start something, resist the urge to ask him too many questions, you may be curious, but it will scare him. Don't be too belligerent, you can't move too fast, with questions.

Another thing that will certainly bother him is petty fights about trivial things.

He goes better with a woman who is much more frivolous than you.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

You aren't usually a highly sexed woman, but this man makes you want sex more than other men you have been with, it may be because he is so good with a woman's body.

You are in for a treat every time the two of you make love, Sagittarius men just "know how to have sex."

The only thing is he may not be vocal about his feelings, look to the way he makes love to you and what happens after to gauge that.

Virgo and Sagittarius, Romantic Summary

You and he are like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, you don't fit unless forced.

As far as your Sun signs go, you are just too down to earth for him.

Funnily, this can be a great relationship that lasts for a long time if you have other Signs in your personal Planets that give you more Fire/Water and he has more Water or Earth.

If you both have too many conflicting personal Planets, it can be a terrible one.

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