Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces


Pisces, What He's Like...

This man has a tranquil sort of intensity; you are drawn to him because of this. He says things that are unconventional yet funny, you like how he makes you laugh.

He's a very bright man, you like this about him too.

Virgo and Pisces , What You are Like Together

In a romantic partner you need a man who's love holds up, a man who's principles remain unchanging, an affectionate man.

In a romantic partner he needs a woman who is sensual, a woman who is thrills him, one who has no requirements of him.

He is observant and insightful, he knows what you are feeling and he knows what you need emotionally.

He also senses that you can be cool and judgmental, but he will ignore this about you although he doesn’t like these qualities in others.

You aren’t normally an emotional woman, but he can become so desolate and depressed when things aren't going his way, you feel for him and are impelled to take care of him.

Virgo and Pisces - Points of Conflict

If you tell him your decision is right about something, he will do what you want, but you better be right, since he will rub your face in it if you are not.

Sharing your feelings with one another will be a hard thing to do in this romance.

When you have a conflict you want to talk it out; he tends to pull away when things are tough, he eventually comes back to talk when he is ready.

You process situations differently:

He thinks you take little things too serious; you think he doesn't think about the details enough.

He thinks you worry too much; you think he doesn't worry when he should.

He is a much wiser man than you give him credit for, you should heed to his advice more than you do and shouldn't tell him what you think is best to do as often as you do.

You are reasonable woman who can be a bit timid and restrained.
When your mind focused, you don't let emotional pain deter you from your goals.

You live with a plan; making time for this, making time for that.
You find assurance in maintaining arrangements and going by your routines.

He tends to be occupied by implausible fancies.

His mood is languid and he lives in an unpredictable way; you'll struggle to live with this.

His thoughts flitter from this to that.

Sometimes, you're riveted while he tells of his fanciful thoughts.

He may feel like this about making plans:

John Lennon "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." Or Woody Allen "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."

He likes to choose what he does as he goes along, he oddly trusts that the answer will show up.

Virgo and Pisces  Compatibility, Sexual Love

You move through the stages of a relationship at different times.

You are past ready to have sex the first time, before he even entertains the thought.

But, you wait when he is finally ready to take you to bed, it will be lovemaking of the sort that is sexy, sultry and languorous.

This is the way he almost always makes love, but sometimes you may want it a bit rougher.

He is a very imaginative man when it comes to sex; he has or may have fantasies that he thinks about that would make a sex worker blush.

If he trusts you enough to tell you about some of them don't jump in head first if you don't know what you are getting into.

Virgo and Pisces , Romantic Summary

The conflicts between the way you both live and what you need in a partner may be too great for your romance to be compatible.

You both will have to give in or compromise in order for your relationship to be happy; in any case it may last while.

If or when you break up, it will not be an easy parting, it will be bitter and contentious.

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