Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Virgo and Libra


Libra, What He's Like...

He wants to have fun, no matter how, what or with who.

To him love is an art and he is a Master at love, not the deeply abiding kind but the first blush I am so inspired because I am falling in love kind...

He is very aware of his feelings, but many times he doesn't take care of others feelings.

He can unknowingly do or say things that are unkind.

He is capable of cheating on his lover.

Virgo and Libra, What You are Like Together

He is sociable, impractical and indulgent; you are timid, down-to-earth and stern.

You are protective of the ones you love. You can be a bit serious. You are a thoughtful and reliable person.

As a human being, he has all the qualities you would like to have; outgoing, he captivates people left and right.

He is so good at handling a woman, romancing her. He makes you so giddy that you won't notice that he has had much practice saying those same words to other women, he knows what works.

You may try not to fall for his game in the beginning, but you won't be able to stop yourself.

There are instances when you shouldn't take his words at face value, when? The times when he is just flirting.

Lets say you have done something for him that he's not used to from a girlfriend and he has Oh babe I want to marry you.
Don't take that as a sign that he will propose no matter how many times he says it.

Virgo and Libra- Points of Conflict

This man is very capable of hurting you; he isn't safe to give your heart to.

He is just such a sexy man, he leaves it open that maybe you are what he's been waiting for to change into that perfect guy and you believe it.

You may very well be, the woman that can get him to be dedicated to no other woman but you, however, this will be difficult.

At the start, you may choose to believe in all the things he says, but in time you'll admit to yourself that they're just empty words.

Once the romantic haze has cleared, your relationship will change.

When your relationship changes, you will do one of two things:

  1. Show your unhappiness at being played.

  2. Live with the fact that he's a man who loves be around women, even if he has an exclusive relationship.

Something else that might happen is you may start to analyze and question his character, he will not find this fair and won't stand for it.

When he does something thoroughly irresponsible and/or hurtful, he will turn it around by telling you he was mixed up and try to bring you to the point of no longer being mad, but feeling understanding for him; he's very cunning.

His manipulations may work on you since you're so good at relating and putting yourself in another’s shoes.

His manipulations may work on you since you're so reluctant to put your feelings first and you put the needs of people you love before your own.

Okay you like it when your man needs you, but he has so many needs it may be a little tiring for you.

You may try to be a great girlfriend to him by giving into his needs, but you may find that he isn't as grateful as you'd like.

Virgo and Libra- How you Fight or Don't Fight

He will find your buttons and will know which ones to push to irritate you; occasionally, he finds it amusing.

At times, he will irritate you just because he can't decide what he wants.

There will always be differences in what he says and what he does and you will only get angry at yourself for falling for his promises.

When you are having an argument with him he will think whatever you're on about is just an excuse to nag him and he will shut the argument down.

He is the type of man that will shut down and avoid contact after you get into an argument, this will irritate you.

To have a happy relationship:

  1. You have to find a way to make your case without pestering.
  2. He needs to face the reality that couples have fights, it's how they're handled that's important.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility, Sexual Love

He has many approaches to sex:

He may try and start something with you while you are busy doing something else. At times he is all romantic and amorous using romantic dinner and sexy words.

Your approach to sex is pretty basic, no frills needed, you believe there is a place and time for lovemaking and when that time comes, you just do it.

He prefers his ways and if you complain and refuse him, his eyes will start wandering.

Other than that, you do have good sex.

Virgo and Libra, Romantic Summary

Once you get into the business of being in love, your emotions take over and it gets hard for you to leave a man.

When your reasonable thoughts intrude on your feelings you don't listen. When your head tells you to cut your loses with a man, maybe you should listen.

He isn't easy for a woman to please, many have tried many have failed; the reason is unless Libra has learned to control this urge, he always hopes that the more perfect woman is around the corner.

If men could design their perfect woman and get her off an assembly line Libra would be one of the first in line. At least she would be the prototype of a perfect woman.

If he is at a point in his life that he is really willing to be a one woman man who is devoted and tries to work troubles out, then you may have a chance at lasting.

But, if he hasn't gained that mindset yet, this may be a pairing that will be contentious and distressed, neither of you will be happy.

Love Song:

Out from under: Written by Shelly Peiken, Arnthor Birgisson and Wayne Hector

I don't wanna dream about all the things that never were
Maybe I can live without, when I'm out from under
I don't wanna feel the pain, what good would it do me now?
I'll get it all figured out, when I'm out from under
(From under, from under, from under)

Britney Spears slow version

Ali Campbell from UB40 Reggae version


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