Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Virgo and Leo


In a perfect world you two would complete each other.

Virgo and Leo, What You are Like Together

He will try to be his affectionate self with you, but will always wonder if you are the woman who will steal his heart forever or the woman who will break and ruin him.

If you wait to consider getting involved with him, you won't.

But, he is so pushy yet magnanimous, he'll sweep you off your feet in such a rush that you won't see how incompatible you really are. Once you are past such lust, you will.

You think he's intelligent and witty.

He may think you are a bit less open-minded than he is.

You will also notice that once in a while when you are upset with him for any reason, he will talk you out of your mood and make you forget why you are mad, but this won't happen often.

He knows that you are a woman he can depend on.

You'll fuss over him and give him special treatment. You'll encourage him, be responsible and true to him.

As a Virgo you worry and are anxious. Whether you're Jewish, Catholic or a Virgo, you know what guilt feelings are.

What I am getting at is this: with other women he may think twice on her straying, but you are so full of the previous things I mentioned,  cheating would be too much for you so you would never do it, no matter how tempting the guy is.

He wants a woman who wishes to be depended upon; you are a woman who wishes for a man to depend on you. He loves being taken care of and you are a natural at it.

This coupling can bring about a mommy and child type of match.

Virgo and Leo- Points of Conflict

His heart leads him; your mind dominates in you.

He is a spendthrift, only the best for him; if you share your finances you will have fights over this.

He wants your relationship to be harmonious, but your manner of conveying your thoughts about him or your relationship troubles, is hard for him to swallow.

You aren't the type to say how highly you regard a person and this man needs, well, he lives for compliments. This may be hard for you to keep doing, you aren't that verbally expressive.

Although you don't fawn over people you can show your admiration in words, you just don't overdo it.

If you don't supply him with sweet and admiring words often enough, you will see the prideful and pushy lion come out in him.

When it comes to the Virgo propensity to nag or pester, depending on your Leo he may respond in one of two ways:

Even though you pester him about this or that, he can still find you to be a woman among women.


When he has had enough of your pestering, he will see you as a nag, consider you unappealing and he'll begin checking out other women.

In either case if you want to keep him to yourself, you shouldn't nag him, tell him what you want once. Deep down, He doesn't find women who pester feminine nor worth his passions.

Occasionally, he can go through a workaholic phase, when this happens, he can become equally slovenly.

You won't understand how he can go from one extreme to another like this, resist your urge to pester him, it won't work.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

In the bedroom however, the two of you get on well, if you let him be the initiator.

Virgo and Leo, Romantic Summary

Most probably, this relationship won't turn out to be a very good one, but if determined to be with one another you will last a while.

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