Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini


It's rare for a couple of this pairing to make a successful long term relationship, but if you are at least 25 or older, you may be drawn to his infantile ways, because you may be feeling maternal.

If you take a relationship with him too earnestly, you're probably a glutton for punishment.

He is not the firm and dependable guy you're looking for that would be Taurus.

Gemini, What He's Like...

He needs a partner who is much steadier than he is, but his partner must accept that he isn't that way, otherwise he won't be happy.

He likes that he can depend on you and your word.

Virgo and Gemini, What You are Like Together

You are doting, merciful, protective and tender; of course he likes you. He is adaptable, charming and likes to talk, you like him.
He finds you amusing, you find him funny too.

He may be amendable to a compromise as long as he admires the way you think and he believes you are an intelligent woman; he likes that in a woman. He will bond with a woman he believes is just as smart as or smarter than he is.

He is not one to expose himself to getting hurt emotionally. Regrettably, in an emotional romantic relationship, you are much more prone to being hurt than he is.

You may reason to yourself that eventually he will be the adult he is supposed to be. Soon enough, you will find him a bit childish and you may become condescending to him.

Eventually, you will admit to yourself that he is just naturally a unsatisfied person, and so you try another tack, change him to your liking, this won't work.

This man likes a challenge (in his mind it's exciting); when things start going easy (in his mind predictable, meaning boring), he bails.

You are different, you like things smooth and working, but even when things aren't to your liking you stick it out.

You may be better of as friends, because without the romantic connection that will bring friction the two of you can have great fun together, being naughty.

Virgo and Gemini- Points of Conflict

He also brings anxiety out in you. He can also bring you down. This will block any natural communication that the two of you could have.

In the instances where the two of you can't talk to and listen to one another, you misinterpret what the other's action or inaction means.

Ideally, He would be careful and try to do the things he says he will do, but you may realize that you can't always depend on him or what he says. You won't feel as if you can trust him.

The two of you will also experience friction because you like to know what is happening in your daily life, you like a routine.

He on the other hand is totally into the varied things that can happen in life and he actually searches for that.

Your routine life or want of a routine life will make him feel as if he is owned and restrained by you, in time this makes him want out.

Virgo people have an inaccurate report from others saying that they are overly nitpicking and unemotional.

When reality is Virgos are sympathetic and overly giving, tending to being taken advantage of.

If you have found yourself entangled with an immature Gemini, he will take advantage of you if you let him. He will come over to hang out, eat dinners you make.

He will cry on your shoulders when he needs you. He will allow you to be kind to him knowing how you feel about him.

Suddenly one day he starts telling you about a certain girl who isn't paying him attention or that he longs for that one woman he can't find.

If you have a Gemini who puts you in that kind of friend zone, don't try to turn your relationship romantic; leave him be.

This Gemini is concerned with me,me,me; he isn't so focused on a real woman.

He wants to be excited, he likes to play head games.
He's deliberately false.
He has a cruel sense of what is funny and he's crafty.
But he does have a sexy grin.

Put differently, what he wants is a hard to get woman who stimulates his drive to win her over, he isn't really looking for a true commitment.

Some Gemini men never grow up, I have met some over 55 years old who are like teen boys. If yours is immature he will lie to you and make promises that he can't keep.

When you mention it he will just try to win you over with his jokes and sly grin.

But, if you find one who has somehow managed to mature it would work out better, because maybe then he will be ready to put someone else’s happiness before his own and commit to a real woman like you.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

He may not be the best sexual partner for you.

He likes a woman who is open-minded ready to do anything to keep sex fresh and new. You aren’t a woman who thinks "I’ll try anything no matter how perverted, once". And I don't blame you, I am sure you know the saying "give them an inch they'll take a yard"...

***I can tell you, that Gemini men can be that way, I dated one once. I am open-minded to a point, but his need for novelty all the time was too much for me.  In fact,  it never changed and he began to get on my nerves.***

Sometimes a woman wants to be the one to be aroused and excited, not the one who has the job of doing that all the time.

If you don't make yourself into this woman for him, no worries he'll just find one who does.

You shouldn't let him make you upset or frustrated because of this need of his, leave him first.

Virgo and Gemini, Romantic Summary

The Virgo and Gemini relationship might be a relatively long one, not a beneficial pairing (for Virgo). No marriage.

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