Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer


Most Virgo and Cancer couples could be well-matched if they each have sympathy for each others’ idiosyncrasies.

But, you will either be very happy together or you could make it so hard on each other that it would be hard to get along.

What Virgo is Like... and What Cancer is Like...

There are two things you have in common, your responsibility with money and you both are veritable home bodies; these things strengthen your bond.

He is not as confident and secure as you are or seem to be.

He may be closer to his immediate family than you are as an adult, taking advice from them and talking about his relationship with you with them; you will have fights about the family butting in.

The two of you are on different wavelengths in how to manage life’s problems.

He goes the long and winding way to get to a point; you are quite candid.

You are reasonable and tend towards a steady emotional disposition; he can be more sensitive and amorous than you and he will find it hard to be with you.

He doesn't like to argue and if he is getting too emotional he would rather avoid it; you on the other hand like to get something out directly with no softness if that makes your point.

Virgo and Cancer, What You are Like Together

Situation 1 ( When you're Charts mix well)

Because of how you tend to investigate things and his unusual level of self protection things go slowly for the two of you.

Being with him can make you relax your hard nosed pragmatism a little and this brings you more opportunity to be happy together.

He will make you feel protected from heart break; you will make him feel as if he's found the woman he's been looking for.

  1. You will enjoy how he woos you.
  2. He will react warmly when you are a little unsure and timid.
  3. He will react will be warm when you start to blush when he praises your intellect or just you.

You will feel like a veritable temptress.

You will know exactly what to do to take his mind of his troubles, keeping his moodiness at bay.

You'll value how he wants to take care of you when you are sick.

You'll be grateful for how caring he is and how he makes you feel  treasured.

Virgo and Cancer, What You are Like Together

Situation 2 ( When you're Charts don't mix)

Sometimes, he can scare you with his level of deep emotions. They are so intense, you won’t be able to comprehend how he could need so much love; it’s like he needs to be convinced.

You actually believe more in actions to show love than words and he needs both constantly. You are with him and you are good to him that should be good enough. To you if you don't love, you won't be with the person.

If you finally have enough and you stop emotionally coddling him, he will be pitiful and brooding. You will try to reason with him, but he won't comprehend what the head has to do with heart.

Finally, you may find that he isn't emotionally strong enough for you; this can cause you to devalue him and eventually you'll be open to someone stealing you heart away, leaving him or breaking with him altogether.

If you don't allow your criticisms to become brutal in their nature, you may get on with one another better. But, you and he are on different wavelengths most of the time and this may cause you to experience more friction than peace.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility, Sexual Love

He will either want you to take control in bed or be the one to take control; this will be easy to figure out.

When it comes to the bedroom, he is still the more emotional one; he needs more lovemaking, quickies just for release are not something that comes to mind with him, he wants the whole pun intended.

If this is not the case more often than not, he will feel as if something is missing in you and in sex with you.

If you let him, he could influence you to be more emotional than you normally let you get. You could learn that being emotional is not always a bad thing.

If you approach what you prefer in the sexual department with more tact, you may get him to accommodate what you like better.

Virgo and Cancer, Romantic Summary

If you get on well, your relationship should be happy and suitable for the two of you.

If you don't get along but you want to make it last between you, there must be openness, compromise and acceptance.

This way you can discover an albeit, shaky center for your relationship that makes it possible for the two of you to have a long lasting pairing.

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