Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo and Aries


You can't make him change his character; he can't change you.
If you want it to last between you, you can't become a nagging shrew and you have to try to accept the things you can't change about him.

Aries, What He's Like...

He is so intensely affectionate and amorous, before you even notice when it happens, you are head over heels in love with him.

He thinks you are fun.

Whenever you have a problem with anyone, he is on your side, he likes that you're a woman who knows how to defend herself.

I don't know if your particular Aries man works out, but I am guessing he does or at least he eats healthy, in any case he will exuberantly counsel his partner with ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

He might be fit and this gets your notice. You will also like him because he is so industrious, he is driven and he has the propensity to remain ebullient about life.

Soon, you can't imagine what your life was like without him and when he has captured your heart, he may start to pull back in order to be with other women.

Virgo and Aries, What You are Like Together

You come to issues from differing points of view; you are polar opposites in a lot of ways.

This man doesn't have the patience to wait for satisfaction; you know good things come to those who wait.

He lives in the "now", he doesn't worry about how he is going to deal with something in the future.

You keep the future in the front of your mind, you have plans and you worry about all that could go wrong with your plans.

You are a person who has the ability to be altruistic; he is more naturally concerned with himself.

Your emotional dispositions are different too.

He feels love is a game to win to conquer quickly; you believe love is the only goal.

He falls in love quickly and falls out of love just as fast; it takes you time to love and it's hard for you to break it off, once you do.

Virgo and Aries- Points of Conflict

And as time goes by this may be what your in for.

Yes, he's overflowing with excitement, but you may find it hard to put your faith in him. He will call a woman up excited to make a date with a woman and blow her off for something that is more exciting.

He is fun yes, but he is also thoughtless with his attention, promises and sensibility.

When he does show up he's late.
When he promises to call, he forgets.
After he leaves you after a date he waits days to call again.
He may even forget his credit cards after having taken you out for an expensive dinner.
He won't bring a bottle of wine like Taurus would when you cook for him.

He thinks you inordinately worrisome; you think he's absurd in how carefree he is.

Whenever he seems as if he is not doing his best in life, you try to make him be more sensible by nagging him.

At first, nagging him will only make him laugh at you; if you do it too much, he will leave you for a more flexible woman.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

When it comes to sex, your libido is steady, not becoming too intense or too mild; his libido changes constantly.

As a Virgo you tend to attract men who can be cruel to women, if he is one of those men he will use sex as a weapon (meaning he may refuse to make love).

Virgo and Aries, Romantic Summary

When you start with him, you feel as if you were just waiting for him to come along.

The thing is if you are having trouble with him in the ways I have listed then you're probably at a more mature place in life than he is. You may have to break with him and tell him to grow up. Once he does you could try again.

This match could end up very badly. You would have to be a true martyr to abide this man. You should probably just have a fling with him.

But it doesn't have to be that way, if you have found yourself involved with an evolved/mature Aries male.

He will give you enough time to reveal the wonderful woman you are.

And if, you're minded to be in a true and loving relationship and he's mature and really wants to give something solid a chance, then yes, this can definitely be a long lasting pairing. As far as marriage goes, it may not go that way.

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