Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius


You have enough intellectual rapport to draw you to one another.

Aquarius, What He's Like...

This is a guy that will sit you down when you are troubled and ask detailed questions; that's sweet and caring huh?

He seems like he wants to help or give you some advice, right? Wrong. He's not being sensitive and empathetic, he's just being nosy and likes to snoop.

Virgo and Aquarius, What You are Like Together

When you first start to will notice that he makes you feel comfortable, you make one another laugh and you basically get along.

This man is naturally energetic and when you are first getting to know him, you find him magnetic and stimulating.

You are an effective and self reliant person and he will be relieved that he doesn't have to save you; he doesn't like his woman to rely on him to support her.

You are the one in this pairing more susceptible to being hurt emotionally. You require a man who intuits this on some level thereby making you feel safe to give him your heart.

He can't abide you when you get "emotional", but he does respect your intellect.

Virgo and Aquarius- Points of Conflict

Not to long after you really engage in a relationship, you will see all your differences come to fore.

Both of you are intellectually energized and prompted to take action. The problem is, you get this encouragement from your relationship with your significant other and he gets this from his friends.

You will wonder sometimes if you should trust him, but in the end you do.  He may not warrant your trust or maybe he does, one thing is sure, he doesn't generally have bad intentions.

If you question his motives it will irritate him, even if once in a while his purposes are not to your benefit.

Sometimes, you are expecting a night with him and he calls to cancel to be with his friends and he won't think he's neglecting you even if he's done it time and time again.

You may get over it the first few times this happens, but once you see this is normal practice for him, you will start to complain.

When you are upset and are complaining you can be abrupt and penetrating with your words; he will come to view this as you pestering and nagging him, although he brought it on himself.

He doesn't have a strong attachment to money; you know money is a necessary thing to be able to live. If you live together almost everything that has to do with household finances will be up to you to sort out.

He thinks you are fretful, anxious and overly concerned about many things. You think he doesn't concern himself enough with life's issues.

On a nice long weekend holiday, you would find it delightful to stay home, clean up and prepare for a nice dinner party with some close friends. He would like to hit all the hot spots and hang with "the people" virtual strangers.

You prefer to be organized, everything has a time and place; he may find this utterly annoying or at least troubling.

He resonates well with the state of confusion and disarray; you may find this to be staggering.

You pride yourself on being able to empathize with someone’s pain; he can be so dégagé from someone else’s personal pain, but be able to feel for the world as a whole,  you don't "get that".

Mostly your pairing will be difficult to deal with, to be satisfied you will have to give in many times; you are the Adaptable Sign of this relationship he is the Fixed one.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sex between you is imaginative and he is very open with what he wants and is open to what you want.

You have the same level of sexual libido, so that isn't a problem; the problem is him finding the time to be with you.

It's hard to want to be intimate with a man and feel as if you have to talk him into it, if you are deeply in love you'll feel as if you've no choice but to deal with it, if you are not deeply in love the results may be different.

Virgo and Aquarius, Romantic Summary

He is a Fixed Sign so one way to make sure your relationship lasts a long time and is a happy one, you shouldn't fall deeply in love with him too quickly, this man takes more time than you to fall in love and that's saying something.

If you don't keep it light and and keep your expectations low in the beginning, it will be too much too soon. Your relationship will not truly grow, last or be happy.

The two of you may be better off as friends.

Love Song:

The Long and Winding Road” – The Beatles

"The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear
I've seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door"


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