Can you use love Astrology in your relationship? Of course you can.

Using love astrology will tell you where you and your partner mesh, where you have a core difference and what to do about it, (the differences that is).

Astrology will take you far in understanding your relationship.

The first thing you want to do in order to use astrology to improve your relationship is ; get a birth chart or natal chart and interpretation drawn up. Once you find one that depicts you correctly good and bad, get one drawn up for your lover.

Why get a Chart done?

Well, a natal chart, (astrology chart) or birth chart, tells you what you need to know in order for you to realize the root of certain behaviors and responses. In addition, this chart tells you the fundamental drive behind such conducts and reactions.

So, you've gotten your charts done, one for you and one for your love. What do you do now?

You look for and compare your matching love signs horoscopes.

The reason behind this is; you want to see if you or lover have a large amount of zodiac signs, in Planets, that fall under one Element, (I will explain more on this in future articles).

When you have an overbearing amount of zodiac signs in a certain Element, This tells you what you and your love are in for, respectively.

You see, with further study of your zodiac signs, you'll begin to understand your astrology chart and what it has to tell you about your astrological compatibility with your lover.

Astrology is the study of the stars and the influence they have on our daily lives. As our relationships are a great part of our lives, using love astrology can help in this most special part of yours.

Now that you know what astrology can reveal in your love relationship, dig deeper and read up on your sun sign compatibility.

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