Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo 


Here is when you will fall for a Virgo man:

You may meet and feel attracted to this man when you are feeling unappreciated, down on your luck (in love) and unsure about yourself.

If you are a Leo woman who is more rational and less emotional, you will be in a more favorable position to deal with Virgo.

Leo and Virgo, What He's Like...

This is a man who likes to fix his women, once he has been with you a while and you have come back to your natural confident nature, he will realize you aren't the woman he started with.

He isn't as extroverted as you are with others and he can be a nag.

Although he is persistently petty and nags about the smallest details, he's not all bad.... I guess.

Virgo man can be critical, diffident, introspective, conservative and even bookish.

He doesn't have an inherent ability to communicate what he needs in love and he won't put too much stock in your romantic attempts.

Leo and Virgo, What You are Like Together

You like his sense of snobbery, although you won't easily admit it, you can sometimes be a snob too.

You will have to understand that this man wants everything to be perfect. He will need to understand that you need him to become more open to new experiences and thinking.

You are just as giving in love as you are with everything else, but when it comes to love you require some attention back.

He is a criticizer yes, but you are hard to please. Your standards may be to high for him to reach.

The principles that guide his reasoning/thinking are narrow and without compunction, they escape your understanding.

You will clash on how to spend your time together.

You are a social being, constantly hustling off to nice dinners, get togethers with friends and artistic venues.

He is more anti-social, he would rather find these themes in the plot, although he might not mind a dinner party at home.

You like to be amongst friends the more the merrier, he likes to hang out with a few close friends. You want to just relax and do nothing and he thinks it's a waste of valuable time.

When it comes your jobs, your thinking clashes with his.

Let's say you both were to do a job for someone/get it done/get paid.

You would get the fee to your liking/ do it and turn it in, in a timely manner.  In the end you are acknowledged for your work and paid handsomely.

He would undervalue his time and work/ take longer and work harder to finish/redoing things over and over and eventually turn it in.

In the end he has wasted hours on it, didn't get paid enough and the client is not overjoyed with his work.

At times, he can be stingy with money, he likes to horde (save) his money; you like to give generously to yourself and others; you are different here.

You both like the best of things and even though he is a bit stingier with other people than you, he will be generous with you sometimes.

You don't mind a little dust on your bookcases, who has the time when there is a life to live and places to go.

He is so organized and neat, that if he were to hire a maid to clean his place he would clean it a little before she cleans it.

He will be the type to run his fingers along your tables, pick lint of your jacket and hold your hands and check your nails; he will make you anxious and self conscious.

Leo and Virgo-Points of Conflict

Your deliberate displays of theatrics and drama leave him deeply agitated.

His mind will be disquieted by you above most other Signs. Your temper is too hot, when you are angry he will lose his mettle.

Where he would have said no to another woman and stood by that, he will say yes to you to get you to shut up and to save himself your cold shoulder and he will not do it happily.

What he doesn't realize is that you quickly start devalue a man who you are able to browbeat into doing what you tell him.

His acquiescence when you know he should stand his ground doesn't make you happy in the long run because slowly you realize you have lost your emotional affection for him.

Dealing with him will become something that is too arduous for you, when all you would rather sometimes is to have a light, fun and stimulating time or let go and relax.

If you insist on making your romance work, the both of you will need to endure the things that irk you.

You try to understand and connect to the way he thinks, but your compatibility there is almost always way off.

Here is the thing, Virgo man can be a dependable, true to you and thoughtful. What he' not is stimulating and that's where your mental incompatibility comes from.

He is non-reactive and steady in his ways you'll have to get used to a lack of exhilaration and a bit of tedium from time to time,  when you are dating this man.

You will have a more exciting time with one born within the hours of 4 and 5 or 8 and 9 am.

You will not get along and break it off with one born within the hours of 6 and 7 am.

If you find that you're mentally compatible it might be because he has other personal Planets in Signs that meld with yours or he has Leo rising or Libra/Libra rising particularly.

This means he is able to be like you and has an appreciation for lavishness and theatrical drama.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility, Sexual Love

Okay let’s talk about "the sex life of Leo and Virgo".

Normally in your day to day life you take the reigns in a relationship, but you like your man to take control in the bedroom.

He will find it hard to be the one that is dominate in the bedroom.

This man will leave frustrated more times than not. He takes the energy that should be channeled into sexual release and channels it into work.

You need to be held and made love to; you need to show your passion in a physical way; He won't get it.

Leo and Virgo, Romantic Summary

If you have a choice between any other zodiac male and a Virgo male, choose another, but you would make great friends.

This coupling is not the best idea unless you work hard at it, even then it's hard going.

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