Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Leo and Taurus 


You are a woman who is self reliant and you live your life confidently.

There are times when you are "not yourself" and this is when you will be vulnerable to the charms of Mr. Taurus.

You are both fixed signs, so, if you want to get into a romance with one another, you had better agree not to force one another to change the way you are.

Taurus, What He's Like...

When you first meet him he will make you a little nervous, and he sure is a smooth talker, you may even think he is an Aries/Leo or Sag.

He will appeal to you for sure.

He is typically serious and cautious.

He is a man who stands firm in who he is. He is sensible.

He might be a great cook and if he does cook for you, don't get picky, eat it all; he likes a woman who eats.

He is small-minded and trivial about money. This man has trepidations when it comes to owing money, so his first goal as an adult is to make money and manage it well so that he feels secure.

When he is upset with you he will either scold or lecture, give you the silent treatment or pull away without explaining the reason he has done it.

Leo and Taurus- What Brings you Together

You have an alluring look, you are so put together and fashionable. Being governed by Venus makes him take notice that having you at his side is a benefit.

He is firm, determined and resolute, you take notice of how he is different from other men in that he can be relied upon to be there.

These personality traits in him will be such a welcome to you particularly when your last relationship was with a wishy-washy or uncertain man.

Leo and Taurus- What You are Like Together at First

Once your relationship gets going you will inspire him to be more extroverted since, you are so outgoing.

You will like hanging out with at home, with friends or just each other.

Leos don't let monotonous tediousness take hold you feel it coming on and you switch things up.

He is inclined to getting into monotony and being buried in it, he may even like it.

Leo and Taurus- What You are Like Together Later

You're resistant to persuasion and unwilling to submit; he is unwilling to submit and not good at making concessions.

This should explain what really goes on between your two Signs; you have incompatible points of view.

Here we go...

If you are forced to stay at home day in and day out after work and on weekends, you feel like a caged bird.

If he was forced to do the same, he would enjoy it.

He would rather watch drama unfold on his favorite TV show.

You like to be in the thick of life; "all the world is a stage", thank you Shakespeare , Love Leo

You are driven in your career, maybe more than him.

Taurus's usually have good money making/managing skills so it's not the money, he may be more traditional and this is why it will make him feel less than a man.

He finds it delicious to save money, watching his bank accounts grow; you don't mind seeing yours shrink as long as you are shopping.

Tell him how much you pay for your makeup and see what he says, you might get a kick out of it; he is so cautious with money.

You may believe that money is there to be spent and this will worry him.

Here is the trouble:

I hope you aren't looking for a relationship where the man brings in the money. Although he does do this, it comes with strings attached, he wants to control how you spend it.

If you are not of the same mind as him in finances, he will bug you about it continuously, scolding you like a teenager that has spent too much money.

If he speaks to you about your spending and you continue to spend as you sometimes do (especially if it's his money), he may argue with you about it.

Leo and Taurus- Points of Conflict

  • I have one thing that is important to say here:
  • If you have set your eyes unknowingly on an underdeveloped/immature Taurus male, you will discover him to be  an overeating, indolent man who is too bullheaded for you to deal  with.
  • On top of that his jealousy will devour him so much that he drives you to do exactly what he accuses you of.

Leo and Taurus are both prone to be obstinate and this may be a place of contention in your relationship.

When either of you believes that what you think is correct, you stick to that thought and no one and nothing will make you change your opinion; this may lead to arguments.

Something else important

This man is traditional and jealous, he doesn't believe in his woman flirting or paying too much attention to others. He wants you to himself.

You will notice that if you are talking (flirting to him) other men, afterwards he will pout all night, this mopping may even lasts for days.

Eventually, you may just stop trying to appease him, leaving him to his sulking and find something better to do until he's being friendly again; he will respond by getting more angry.

You're like your fellow Fire Signs fierce about your freedom; he will go through mental pains trying to deal with that.

You won't even notice, well you do notice how hard it is for him to deal with you wanting your autonomy, but mostly, you ignore it and you're pleased with yourself for it.

You will feel that he wants to own you like you are property and this will make you antagonistic.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

At the Beginning:

His sex drive is higher than "normal", but yours is pretty much up there too; you should not encounter any problems of miss-matched sexual desire.

The sex life that the two of you share is direct, no romantic antics involved; it's explicit, carnal, hot and sultry; this will be enough for you both.

He seems the ideal sex partner for you; he knows how to take control of your body, make you feel good. He will always strive to leave you satisfied.

Although sex can remain good for the two of you, what will keep the two of you together has the most to do with how you get along outside of sex.

But if you may find yourselves getting along less and less, and you have stayed together long enough and you find you have become incompatible in your physical connection.

And then Later:

What's happening is what most couples that eventually break up go through, you start focusing on tiny things that you don't mind when you are in love, but become real important when you are no longer in love.

He will realize that he prefers a more bohemian and natural girl, you're more like a fashionista. He is carnal and eventually he will think that you don't get him sexually, although you will be able to entice him.
You find that you would rather have a more refined lover and one who is more fit; Taurus's tend to eat too much rich foods and you won't like the Buddha belly he grows.

He is a Earth Sign, I wouldn't be surprised if washing with soap and water is all the scent he wants his woman to have.

He may even be the kind of man who wants to have you right after you get home from the gym/sans shower.

You have to be clean, look good and scent with fragrance to feel ready to make love.

Leo and Taurus, Romantic Summary

Typically your traits are unsuited for a life long marriage, but you can manage to make it last long term.

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