Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius


He's got you and he knows it. You like him and it's written all over your face.

Sagittarius, What He's Like...

He's funny and so positive, you love this about him.

He seems right to you, he gives all the passion you need, he is unselfish and he understands you.

Okay here it is:

There are 2 types of Archers

Chatty Archer: He is carefree and playful.

Moody Archer: he is contemplative and only speaks when there is something he wants to convey.

You may prefer the Moody one, you are drawn to him he seems risky. You may end up feeling that he is so touchy that you walk on egg shells around him, but it's fine with you.

Leo and Sagittarius, What You are Like Together

He's audacious, a man full of machismo, he can take charge of anything and that includes you.

In fact, out of all the men you have or may love in the future, this one is the only one who will easily master you.

A Sagittarian male will have your respect, you find him to be a very intelligent man, better informed than most men.

He appreciates how encouraging you are instead of critical, when things aren't going right for him.

You will have other things in life that are important to you to pursue and he will be happy to let you be, he won't be possessive of your time.

He is so upbeat, so accommodating; he has you wondering where he's been all your life.

You are so glam and exciting that you have him at hello.

If you can be comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans going out to a sports-bar to watch a game or equally comfortable rock climbing once in a while, you guys can last.

Leo and Sagittarius- Points of Conflict

The only trouble that will come is that Sagittarians are restless and this may be the cause of him moving on from you; you won't be able to manipulate this.

Sagittarius resists any thought or even small hints toward limitations on their freedom.

He is attentive to you the thing is, he is just as attentive to anyone else.

He believes that he should be free to chat up any other woman, it's innocent; he doesn't understand that it hurts you.

Leo and Sagittarius- How you Fight or Don't Fight

Alarm bells ring here!

This isn't true of all Sagittarians, but it is true of some. He may be volatile and may use words that cut, this you can endure, but woe betide him if he ever thinks he can lay a hand on you. Hopefully he never finds out.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

He's got unbelievable skills in the bedroom. Sagittarius and Scorpio men are the two in the zodiac that can sexually arouse you like no other Sun signs.

Most Sagittarians aren't judgmental and that may lead to him telling you if you want to have a “Ménage à Trois” he's all for it, if you are game, go for it.

If you aren't into things like this, here's a tip: just make your answer enough of an opening that he thinks maybe one day it will happen, this way he doesn't feel as if your sex life will be a limited one.

This bit will depend on what kind of Sagittarius man you are dealing with and if he has other signs in his personal planets that dissuades this in his natural Sun's traits.

When it comes to sex, you shouldn't make an ultimatum that he is completely faithful or else.

He needs a woman who is able to look the other way without resentment. A woman who understands that men can separate sex from love.

The reason you need this understanding is that sometimes he will be susceptible to cheating, whether that is just kissing or sex, would depend on your man.

I wonder if you are a woman that is able to think this way.

The silver lining? He always comes back to you for love and eventually he will understand that he has everything he needs in you and this won't happen any more.

Leo and Sagittarius, Romantic Summary

He doesn't like women who pull tantrums so, if you can curb your sometimes melodramatic and pushy ways, you two may end up having a very satisfying and long-lasting romance.

This match also leads to a happy marriage.

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