Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Leo and Pisces


Pisces, What He's Like...

You want to see if a man is a Pisces without asking? Most times you might be able to gather he is Pisces by his eyes colour.

Usually light colours (light brown, greens and blues), * for me I have met many Pisces men with blue eyes.*

And the eyes are generally lovely. The Pisces eyes are softly gazing, they give a profound feel like deep pools.

A bit sad, Pisceans tend to look as if they are in deep thought.

He's naturally cultured and has a fashionable sense of style.

You will like how he can figure out what makes people tick from the get go.

You will love how adoring his eyes look when he gazes at you

He will love how funny you are.

You have a joie de vivre that he can't get enough of.

You live life full on and he will be fascinated by that.

Leo and Pisces, What You are Like Together

(This may be with any type of Pisces)

This man catches a crush really quick. He will shower you with the sweetest words. And when he falls out of his crush for you he is a cold fish.

The younger you are in your dating years, the more probable you will impressed with his effusiveness.

If you've dated a while, you have met a few Pisces men and you will not have the tolerance; you'll have misgivings about his lasting interest.

If you want this man to get hooked on you, just keep him chasing you, don't give into him entirely.

When you first meet him, he seems so vulnerable to you that you start falling for him.

Before you know it he changes and becomes more aggressive and confident, what gives? Well, you see he is a mutable sign and personality, but for you a Fixed sign of the zodiac, it will be hard to live with this type of person.

You need to know what a person thinks of you and feels for you. You don't do well with confusion in romance it may even turn you off.

This is how it may go with him:

  1. You are giving of your love and he appreciates it and gives love back to you.

  2. Other times, you do the same thing and he pulls away from you instead.

He gets in these moods often and sometimes inadvertently you come up with ideas that get him to interact with you and it works.

Other times, you may unwittingly charm him emotionally and that works; but sometimes nothing works.

This leaves you in confusion.

What you need to do is watch and listen. 

You will get clues to when he is in a changing mood. Then you can figure out what the suitable approach should be.

If you don't find the right method to deal with this temperamental man you will end up a disconcerted, profoundly damaged and in a disappointed mess.

When he is under any kind of strain he gets down in the dumps and it takes him a long time to rise from it.

You aren't like this, you may sulk and feel and for a time, but you soon pull yourself out of it, no "wallowing in it" for you.

Being the way he is, one day you will have had enough and you will go into self-protection mode and he will not respond at all in fact these are the times he may want to break it off.

Leo and Pisces (Mature), What You are Like Together

With a mature Pisces, you don't have to wonder if you can put your faith in him, you can. The thing is you just can't figure him out as easily as he does you and you have to know someone to be able to believe in them.

In time you do learn to read him and you find that he is trustworthy and deserves your time.

When it comes to him dealing with you he can handle you well, he knows how to draw out of you the best woman you can be. He even knows what to say to pep you up when you are down.

Look at your chart; if you have more than one zodiac sign in the Water Element, then this man will be a good one for you, you will be able to flow with or at least understand his moods.

Leo and Pisces (Immature), What You are Like Together

You will find many Pisces men past middle age still looking for that goddess of their dreams. Even when in a relationship some of them are still having dalliances on the side and they hide it from their partner.

There are some zodiac sign women who will give another chance and another when they have caught Pisces cheating. You are not one of them, if you catch the hint that your man is a duplicitous double dealer, game over.

You have to watch this type of Pisces man like a hawk.

Many Pisces men are of the immature type, it's hardest for them to evolve and if they have a guilty conscience it's hard for them to find.

Don't get me wrong, some Pisceans can be truthful to others, but tends to lie to himself.

His ideas of what love is are childish and immature.

He doesn't know that love and co-dependence are two different things.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility, Sexual Love

His temperamental disposition will follow him into the realm of sex too

You like sex a lot and the surprise is he does too. You will find it less difficult to deal with his moods here.

Sex is the glue that will hold the two of you together for the long haul.

Leo and Pisces, Romantic Summary

You like to face things head on and sometimes, you will wonder what your relationship would be like if he were a tougher guy, who doesn't withdraw when things get rough.

He will not be the most strongest of men you will have had a relationship with.
His sign is of the Feminine signs. If this is not a problem for you then you and he will be able to keep it together for a long time.

If you can't handle being with a man that you have to be supportive of for the most part, he will disappoint you many times.

This romance will be a complicated one.

If he doesn't make you feel as if he is trying to influence things to his advantage too many times, then you may have a long lasting relationship that may even lead to a long life partnership.

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