Leo and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Leo


Most of the time, a couple who have zodiac signs that are the same have similar dispositions; usually this match is ideal.

When your dispositions are alike in that you are stubborn and confident, it's best to go with someone of the opposite disposition.

When it comes to Leos it's mostly hit or miss depending on that particular couple.

To realistically make a relationship work, the two of you need to achieve an equilibrium or it will be a shaky matter.

Leo and Leo, What He's Like...

You have an alluring beauty and you're stylish, he thinks you look good on him.

As a partner/love, he has strength, he is encouraging and he is driven to achieve the best life has to offer.

This man can come on real hot and then quickly become cold and this drives you mad; this can be good or bad depending on the day.

Leo and Leo, What You are Like Together

You have common hopes, requirements and motivations.
You value the same things.
You are both great at the game of love.

When it comes to finances you are the same, money in money out, but if you are making a life together and both of you chip in,  it should work out okay.

He will tell you how lovely you look often, he will bring you love trinkets; you'll cook or order in fancy dinners that make him ooooh and awww and mmmmmm.

He will delight you with his archaic romantic words and deeds. He will feel as enamored with you  as you're captivated by him.

He wants your world to revolve around him, everything else should be secondary. You have your own things going on, but you still dedicated to him.

In exchange for that, he will be giving and caring, sharing a lot of love with you, maybe this will make it worth it for you.

He's got his things happening too, but even when things aren't great, he is still genuinely glad to be with you.

You both need to be focused on and idolized. How can that be possible in a relationship?

Well, I believe it can be a win-win,  if you focus on him and he focuses on you, but that would require talking about your needs and being able to compromise.

Leo and Leo- Points of Conflict

This coupling is full of passion. A Leo woman meeting a Leo man will either be a disenchanting and detestable mess or a bewitching magical enchantment for them.

Occasionally, Leo and Leo concurrently adore and detest one another, it depends on how the compatibility chart really meld together.

The two of you together will live in conflict unless other signs and planets mitigate this circumstance.

You're possessive of him; he is possessive of you. There will be many an impasse with you, things will be stressful.
He wants to hold the reigns, you want the same. You will not like the way he seems to order you to do things; he will not stand for you telling him what to do.

He will try with the intent of helping you, you will not perceive it as him being helpful; he will think you're not as appreciative as other women usually are of his help.

He doesn't mind the traits that he has, but when he sees them mirrored in you he will think you are unfeminine.

Leo and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

When you meet one another for the first time you will share a physical connection that never goes away.

Leos have a naturally high sex drive and so you will spend many days a week making love, even when you fight it won't be a "don't touch me" mode with him, he will want sex still and so of course there will be makeup sex.

Another thing to be noted about your high sex drives: Some Leos are able to disconnect sex and love, and so this thinking and a high sex drive combined can lead to outside relationship sex.

The thing is, if the two of you talk about it candidly, there may be no need to break up over indiscretions that mean nothing emotionally.

Leo and Leo, Romantic Summary

The relationship that the two of have will hinge on if he is a mature Leo or an immature Leo and vice versa.

If both of you are of the immature/unevolved type, then competition and immaturity will derail you time and time again.

  1. You'll end up thinking he's an asinine and conceited crock.
  2.  he will think you're high-and-mighty, erratic and headstrong.

If just one of you is the mature one it can still work out alright between you.

If the both of you are the evolved type then all systems are go... for a long-lasting and happy coupling.

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