Leo and Gemini Compatibility

Leo and Gemini


At times you are a reasonable and pragmatic when it comes to love, when you meet Gemini you will not be those things you will be quite capricious. 

He is happy to be capricious with you. The two of you could get entangled, really fast.

Leo and Gemini, What He's Like...

Here is one thing you will always appreciate in him, he is shrewd.

Geminis are amiable but mercurial.

His ideas and opinions are always changing. His attention perpetually moving onto the next interesting thing.

Holding this man's attention will be harder for you than with previous guys, he needs constant intellectual stimulus and you don't get why.

He needs to talk and flirt with others; he needs to experience new things all the time and you don't see how someone can keep this up.

He may be caught for a time ( a week the most), with a pretty girl, all men are visual. The thing is he doesn't stay long for beauty and nothing else.

The way a woman keeps him interested is to think more like an actress and show him different sides to her personality.

He comes into your life quickly, but enchantingly and he leaves just as fast.

If you last longer than a fling, it's not a very quixotic one, he is not a man who courts. The kind of magnetism he has is one of mental quickness.

You won't be able to resist the attraction you have to his natural
sexy way; he makes you laugh out loud.

Leo and Gemini, What You are Like Together

Once you get to know him you may judge him to be without standards or principles.

He says things that bother your moral conscious he does things that give you pause.

I'm sure many women have wondered if Gemini man has any emotions at all, he does feel things, the feelings just alters and then he feels something new.

At some point you will feel like putting your foot down and demanding certain things.

He won't believe you are being serious, but once he understands that you have plans for him and you he will bolt.

Leo and Gemini- Points of Conflict

If you can be more fun than he is, he will never get tired of you, but isn't that a bit wearing on a person? And besides that you are a Leo, you are the one who should be entertained, not him.

When you are in love you can be intense; sometimes he will like it so much it makes him feel loved, sometimes he will feel as if he is being stifled.

The hitch that comes with Gemini men is that they can be emotionally stunted.

These reactions from him start to become the way it is:

He pulls close and then pulls away just to pull close again; this invariably leads to less and less love being there in your romance each time it happens.

He knows that to be involved with a woman he has to have a a healthy regard for her intellect.

Most men that are worth it know that they need to to have a healthy regard for your feelings too.

But, not him:

When you get angry with him, he will chuckle about it.

When you weep over your hurting heart, he will tell you to get a grip and stop being emotional.

You will find this infuriating and vexing.

You can flirt with the best of them, but he can out flirt you. His flirting however will vex you so much you aren't even a flirt anymore, you are too bust keeping your eyes and ears open with him.

So you may flirt with some men on purpose to give him a taste of his own medicine, it won't work he just turns into a weird wing man who's spurs you on or he might not even observe what you are doing.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

He believes you are a total woman and he endeavours to prove this to you when he makes love to you.

That's all well and good in your mind, but if someone were to ask you what sex with him is really like, you'd probably say that he isn't the most romantic in bed he just does it for the fun of it.

  • Good Sex Point, ( you might be okay with this for a while)

    He likes to try new things, fulfill his and your fantasies.

    Not So Good Sex Point? ( what will eventually get on your nerves)
  • He needs a lot of mental stimulation.

You will find all these needs of his baffling since you only need to feel the
urge and great sex just happens.

You only have to be a bit less traditional and the two of you should have good sex.

Leo and Gemini, Romantic Summary

So it's for you decide if you are happy with him or not.

You will feel coerced to "be different", he will feel forced to "be different"; this pressure could prove to be too much for this relationship to last into marriage.

If it so happens that he is a Gemini with mostly the Water Element or the Fire Element or a good mixture of both then, it is still possible for the two of you to have a long lasting romance, maybe even onto marriage.

If not, it may be perplexing with lots of times of unhappiness.

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