Leo and Aries Compatibility

Leo and Aries


The two of you will share an intense passion and intense emotional connection.

Aries, What He's Like...

His agile mind easily receives what yours is thinking, he picks up whatever hints you are sending.

He knows you're one of those hard to get women and he knows it's not a game you play.

He finds the task of getting you to fall for him appealing.

This guy stirs something in you; you are fascinated by how active he is.

His self-assurance draws you to him. The way he handles his life makes you regard him highly.

Being around him leaves you feeling animated, like you can do anything. Getting an expression of praise from this man just sends you to the skies, it makes you feel so good.

To you, he will be the ideal man. Other people seem to respect him highly and this is impressive to you.

He won't mind your life’s goals or any career ambitions you may have, but he must be placed above those things.

Leo and Aries, What You are Like Together

From the get-go, you understand him and he understands you.

You will each have great esteem and appreciation for the other.

You are a vital woman and you are exuberant in the way you live, these qualities in you enchant him.

You adore the way he dresses. He thinks you dress just the way he likes his woman to look and he likes the way you carry yourself too.

When the two of you go out, you know how to do it grand and do it right.

You are an self-directed woman and you have aspirations and dreams, these qualities in you earns his respect.

You are loving and encouraging and when he's down you pep him up, so he can pick himself up and keep on going.

It's almost love at first sight with the two of you.

You are the kind of woman who stops him in his track; He's the sort of man that leaves you breathless.

If you allow him too, he can get you to fall in love without experiencing the difficulties that other men run into.

The surprising thing is he's the kind of man who can get you to show your submissive side; he can tell you what to do and you do it.

He knows instinctively that you normally don't let men rule over you, but you let him and this turns him on.

You are both emotionally sensitive; you need to be adored and he needs to feel inspired.

Leo and Aries- Points of Conflict

You take direct aim, rarely missing your aim; he is more of an impetuous see what hits, kind of fellow.

You think about your future; he only thinks of the present, tomorrow takes care of itself.

He is capricious and when it comes to insignificant things, you'll let it slide, but when it comes to things that are important, he will cause you concern because you believe in thinking before doing.

Instances of getting his full focus come in an irregular manner, although the more developed he is the less you will have to deal with this.

Sometimes you will try to get his attention and then tire of doing that and so you pull back; he will chase you down.

You can be pushy and so can he. If you aren't careful your life together will become a life of unceasing power struggles. You have the power to diffuse these fights by letting him win sometimes.

If you live together and you start to experience financial difficulties, it will be a hard time for the two of you since you both like your luxurious things and if you have to cut way down it will be a source of irritation.

When you or he feels that you will be hurt, you become wild and tyrannical
leading to spectacular altercations.

You are both Fire Signs and when two people share an Element there's a certain kind of empathy working there. So, when you each have a temper tantrum, the other will just wait it out and keep calm while it lasts.

When you do get into a fiery argument with one another, once it's done it's done; there are no grievances held or scores taken.

These things don't happen because you both know the anger the two of you express doesn't mean anything dire, you both feel that if a person feels something they should let it out whatever that feeling.

Other Signs like say Libra would hide or leave while this was happening, or a Taurus would get even angrier, or Cancer and Scorpio would hold grudges. None of this happens with Fire signs.

It must be said that having small fights is something the two of you delight in.

Leo and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

He likes to have sex after you have had an impassioned fight and it won't be a soft kind of making up sex it will be a kind of "I love you and I hate you right now" sex.

At times, he will derive sexual pleasure from inflicting pain.

You are a very good match in sex. You both have to make things more exciting as your relationships grows since the hot fiery nature of your sexual connection is so hot it may burn out too fast.

Leo and Aries, Romantic Summary

You share an ardent connection from the start.

If you are able to keep his
heart and body occupied by you and he keeps care of your tender feelings, you may make it into a long lasting thing; in fact you may even marry.

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