Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius


Aquarius men aren't dazzled by mere stunning women, they like a little bit of eccentricity with their beauty.

You might have what it takes, but does he have what you need and want?

Aquarius, What He's Like...

This man is distant and isolated when you meet him and this will intrigue you, you know that there is a tender man underneath all that.

You may be right and eventually, he lets you see that he has a lot to offer you, but he won't give as much to you as you give to him; what he has to offer has to be good enough for you.

Leo and Aquarius, What You are Like Together

When your relationship is new the two of you are like the best of friends, things between you seem so laid-back.

He's easy to talk to and fun to listen to, you find him to be a great

You like to be seen by people; he likes to watch people, you will wonder what he's always looking at when he has gorgeous you to admire.

He just wants to do good, to be of service to the world even if it pays little; you need a permanent partner to be a financially ambitious man.

Although, when you are dating you will be a source of support to him when it comes to his career.

Soon enough in your relationship you figure out that he needs a friend then a lover.

You have to get interested and be interested in the things he loves to do; you can do them with him. This is a man that won't mind you wanting to tag along.

Here is what you have in common: You are both haughty, stubborn and unshakable in your beliefs.

You will have conflicts because of these shared traits.

Just when you start to think that he is the best guy you have found in quite a while, trouble starts to rear its ugly head.

Leo and Aquarius- How you Fight or Don't Fight

This man loves his friends and will drop anything for them. When his friends are in trouble guess who is their first call?

Guess who gets dropped?

When you start letting him know he is pissing you off, he'll start to think/say that you are just too touchy and you take things too seriously.

If he is one of the underdeveloped/immature Aquarian men, when you fight it will be fierce, you aren't afraid to give as well as you get.

Another thing with this type is that he is afraid of his own shadow and will run away from any fight you bring to him.

From the very first time this type of Aquarius man does such a thing you begin to like and admire him less and it's just a waiting game to see when you will dump him.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

Now for the sex:

When you have sex, it's great; the problem is you don't have sex that often since he finds other things that he can channel his energy to; this oftentimes leaves you feeling sexually tormented.

When you start to try and get him to make love more, he will tell you that you are too pushy and that sex in the relationship is not the most important part of it.

Another thing is, when you do make love you feel like there is just something to be desired and you can't figure out what it is.

Leo and Aquarius, Romantic Summary

If he realizes in time that you need him to think of your feelings before he just does whatever the hell he wants, you may have a romantic relationship that is long-lasting.

But, typically, the two of you may not have enough to keep you bonded together for long, unless you are resolute in your minds to make it last.

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