Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo

Woman/ Man

Virgo, What He's Like...

He seems like an upstanding guy and a noble man brings with him a dependable feeling, right? Right. So, you like him right away.

Then you see that he likes to be of service, he likes to do things to show his love and you like that.

He is also smart enough to keep you interested mentally.

Gemini and Virgo, What You are Like Together

You will think that he is unadventurous, too careful and an all around fuddy duddy.

He will think you're too distracted and unbalanced and this makes you unreliable.

You go with your instincts, you can be natural; he has to think about being natural, he is not in touch with instincts.

He thrives on routines; you rather like doing things different almost every time.

When he feels like his life is in a slump, he may hide from you because he feels you are disorderly and egotistical.

Gemini and Virgo- How you Fight or Don't Fight

You find him to be a nag about money issues and it brings about a bitterness in you.

Once your relationship gets going you find that he is too pragmatic minded and unable to be unconventional and this annoys you.

You are changeable in many things and because of this he may think that your feelings are just as unsettled; this side of you makes him feel unsafe.

He doesn't understand how it's so easy for you to arbitrarily change your mind, change your plans or change anything or everything when the mood strikes.

Because of his feelings of vulnerability, he will smother you, leaving you feeling hemmed in unable to see who you please and do what you please; this leads to hostility on your part.

He thinks you're disorderly, haphazard in the way you do things; you think he is has too many rules on what's the right way and what's the wrong way.

He will try to "advise" you and "help you" to do better, make the right decisions. He will try to be tolerant and may tell you so when he critiques you. You just find his advising annoying and find his critiquing, comical.

He will find you to be temperamental and he tries to understand why, in his criticizing he may express to you that you seem crazy to him; this makes him like you a little bit less.

In turn you may express that he is like a nagging woman, hypercritical and cold.

Eventually,  he becomes as batty as he thinks you are.

If someone would happen to witness the quarrels the two of you have they would find the experience intolerable.

The words the two of you use with one another can be cruel and stinging.  This guy can easily make you cry and that's usually hard for someone to do to you.

If you aren't tough now, you will have to become so to stay with him.

Gemini and Virgo, Where you Connect/Disconnect and Sexual Attraction

At the start of your relationship the two of you have a strong sexual connection, but when you feel your autonomy is in danger of being stifled, you become less and less attracted and less connected to him.

If he never realizes that trying to tell you what to do or monitoring your whereabouts is possibly the main cause of you losing sexual attraction to him, you may end up cheating on him, or he can lose you for good.

You also have a mental connection at the basis of your relationship; when you are getting along your words also connect you; you feel comfortable talking to one another and can do it for all hours. You know what to say to get the other to chuckle.

Gemini and Virgo,  Romantic Summary

At your core you are made of opposite essences. You are like oil and vinegar, you can be combined by the excitement of lust for a time, but you won't blend into a cohesive pair for as long as you might want.

A Virgo man can experience the bad side of you more than the good, for whatever reason he brings this out. Because of how he is with you, you deliberately annoy and hassle him. If the two of you do this to one another long enough you do break up eventually.

This experience is expected to be a passing relationship or a not so happy long-term coupling, but you should not marry.


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