Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Gemini and Taurus


You both have romantic fantasies you would like to gratify, this is the time that you may drawn to a Taurus man or when you may appeal to a Taurus man.

Taurus , What He's Like...

He is naturally jealous and this part of him will hurt you, become overwhelming and may make you leave him, if you aren't in love enough.

He likes a woman who is straight up and direct; you are a woman full of subtleties and shades, you will drive him mad.

Gemini and Taurus, What You are Like Together

You share a liking for some things, but it doesn't substitute for the lack of general rapport.

You mainly live in different worlds. He will never really understand you, he can try and try hard, but he won't.

You don't exist just be cocooned in your house, although you like being home when you are there. For you, life is full of things to do outside of the home. He wants you to be that paragon domestic goddess, happy to cater to him and making the home comfy and inviting for him.

You may reach a point in your relationship that things between you will start to go bad and that is when he realizes that you are not the domestic goddess that he really needs to be happy.

You like to be amused, you like to taunt and mentally test others.
You don't take too much too seriously. He takes many things seriously and he likes to feel and be protected.

You love your autonomyYou find that he makes you feel smothered and restricted.

He may move through phases of things much slower than you would like. He has a more cautious and sluggish way of handling matters in life than you; you will be so irritated by this in him.

You will find it annoying and judge him for not being able to see ahead or look to the big picture; he balks at even thinking about adjusting these qualities within himself.

You are too impulsive to him, this way of yours leaves him feeling at risk.

Your feelings change easily, they are fleeting; emotionally you're less involved.

His feelings are truly invested; his feelings persist even when he no longer wants them.

You engage intellectually; he engages physically, he's carnal.

Gemini and Taurus- Points of Conflict

Just when he thinks things are leveling out between you, you do something that boggles his mind. He will mostly think your excuses are tenuous at best, ludicrous at worst.

If and when you're around others and you do something that irks him, he won't really do much about it, since he doesn't like other people to be privy to contentions going on in his relationship.

He doesn't like fits or tantrums and mostly he is hoping that you don't go into one.

Speaking of his love of privacy in his relationships:

He will think that in public, you are too unrestrained with your sexuality (flirting); he will feel ashamed by it, although, he is a little aroused by it.

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

You and Taurus are compatible when having sex, but you may not be naturally compatible in how you come to wanting sex.

He has  a strong sex drive and he is very much an animalistic lover; sex starts in your brain and your sexuality is more nuanced.

Most of the time, you will become horny and he won't be or he will want sex and you won't be in the mood.

But you can work on it and if you do, it will be great.

He has to try and seduce your mind first, once he does that you will be more open to connecting with your carnal nature.

If you let him connect to the real you, beneath your usual surface self, he may have some sensual pleasures in store for you that you never dreamed of.

In any case, once you have had "some" from this man, you won't find it easy to let him go.

Gemini and Taurus, Romantic Summary

All in all you make an unusual pair. If you want to have a fling, date or go long term, great chances. If you want to become a wife to this man it is not advisable.

Love Song:

One Part Be My Lover
Bonnie Raitt
To her he might be the man of her dreams
To find where she's been hiding inside
Broken or battered, it really don't matter
Her heart's like a wave and he's the tide


They're not forever, just for today
One part be my lover, one part go away


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