Gemini and Leo Compatibility

Gemini and Leo

A Gemini and Leo relationship will be stimulating and intriguing to both of you and it will demand much from both of you.

Amazingly enough,  it's what makes your romance work out.

Keep your relationship a priority and it may last.

Leo, What He's Like...

This guy is driven and steadfast in his character and choices.

He is the same with what he wants in his life. He will at times be inflexible when it comes to what he wants. When he is at his most amiable and giving, he won't be so uncompromising.

He doesn't mind that you need to be independent in the way you live your life; what he wants in exchange is for you to perpetually tell him how wonderful he is.

One thing he can't abide though is untruths and it doesn't matter if it's an itty bitty white lie, he doesn't see the need to ever lie.

He is giving when it comes to his money and you appreciate this about him.

Gemini and Leo, What You are Like Together

Gemini and Leo -Getting to know One Another

At first, He may believe you to be essentially unsettled, this he can't understand; you initially find him to be indolent at times, for no apparent cause.

This isn't a real problem because he learns that he can just let you be when you are being uncertain and acting a bit psycho and you learn that he soon comes out of his state of idleness all by himself.

You are adaptable and so you easily adjust to his suggestions, sometimes.

He finds you to be humorous, stimulating, energizing and intriguing.
You are the best at making him laugh out loud. To him, your Gemini gags are funny; it takes him longer than others to bore of them.

He's entertained by your loony times or should I say loony tunes, since you manage it with such a comical style.

He won't be able to keep track of you and conversely you can' keep track of him. He is a challenge to you and you to him; you both know what to do to keep the other on their toes.

You are busy and you have many friends; you aren't easy to reach on the phone, your people tend to play phone tag with you a lot or they wait a bit to get a response from you when they text. 

He will have as hard a time getting you as other people and this will piss him off.

You can be mercurial and a bit erratic, at time he wants to get your attention so much that he would like to shake you.

He likes to be the center of attention when you are among other people, you may feel eclipsed by this and end up feeling bitter about it.

You like to analyze people; you want to know what they are about. Once you start your analysis on Leo, you will discover him to be someone who is prideful on the surface, but earnest.

Yes, Leo is naturally prideful and you will make him eat his pride time and time again.

You will also realize that when he pushes for his way, it's most probably because he wants things to be at the most benefit to the two of you.

You need allegiance in a relationship and he gives you that dedication. Somehow you don't quite give him the same.

Gemini and Leo -Your Romance

Gemini and Leo -Getting to Commitment

When it comes to winning you this is a man who will have a plan... of course he gets you. Or should I say in making it so difficult for him to get you, you get him.

You like originality, things that dazzle and are new, surprising; he should be the ring leader of a circus just for you.

You don't jump into permanent relationships, he needs to be suave and his handling of you should seem effortless. If he is smart:

  • He should catch you on the phone for a spontaneous, lets go right now date.
  • He should make you laugh so profusely you end up doing one of those funny snorts, (you know what I mean).
  • He should intrigue you by being ingenious in his thoughts and brilliant when he does things.

    He should take his time and finesse you into becoming his girlfriend/wife.

As far as how much time, You are a Gemini, he should take the time to meet all of your personalities.

He should stretch out the time that it takes to make it official with you long enough that you are dying to be his girlfriend/wife and you are almost ready to pose the question yourself.

In relationships when men smother and press you, it freaks you out. You don't want to be pushed into a romance before you are ready and you can't abide being smothered and having that called love.

Some things to think about:

Although Leo can be aggressive when he wants to be he, he innately knows that he needs to contain himself, he knows that he should take his time, he knows how to be cautious with you and treat you in a manner that leaves you comfortable.

And so, if you find a Leo man that;

 Tries to coerce you into doing things
 Moves too fast in the beginning of your relationship

It's because he doesn't care to have you in his life for a longer time
He just wants to bed you.

If he is ever pushy and adamant about whatever he is pushing on you, and things aren't going well in your relationship as a whole, you might want to consider he is trying to make you mad enough to get you to break with him.

So, you should find out what is really going on in his head

Gemini and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

Your sexual needs change from this day to that because you need novelty, this mystifies him. He is a passionate and affectionate lover and this should be enough to pull you out of your head and into your body.

If he finds that he can't get you to respond more passionately or that you find that it's harder and harder for you to relax and forget the days trouble, he might start to think there is something amiss with you sexually and you are possibly too much of an ice princess.

If your relationship is at a balance most times, sex between you can be amazingly transcendental. If you are having problems and imbalances within your romance sex will be the pits.

Gemini and Leo,  Romantic Summary

You both need to be able to adjust, be pliant and flexible these are the words to remember for this relationship to work better.

You need to maintain an equilibrium and your love should last longer and possibly onto marriage.

Love Song:

I Won’t Give Up(Jason Mraz)

I won’t give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I’m giving you all my love
I’m still looking up

And when you're needing your space
To do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find


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