Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn are very different people, but instead of looking at the differences, you could see them as complementary traits. He complements you and you complement him.

This may apply to him or not, it hinges on his full chart, but:

If there are many Earth Signs in his chart, you will not be in a happy relationship together, if there is a good mixture of Earth with Fire or Earth with Air, you may be okay together.

Capricorn, What He's Like...

Mr. Capricorn is unemotional about things, he's sober and pragmatic in his actions, he takes his work/job seriously (may be a workaholic).

He might think that the way you live your life is illogical at best and that you need medication at worst.

You are a screwball, you're refreshing to him, he'll be interested in you, but you do make him feel a bit nervous.

There are a lot of qualities in you that will be alien to him, but you're amusing to him and this makes him want to be with you.

He will not be a man that is in your business, watching over your shoulder, he lets you "be".

If you have any artistic involvements, this is where he will try and share them with you and "be" with you.

You will also make him want to make more money to provide for the two of you.

He will be your Rock of Gibraltar. Take him seriously; you can do a lot together.

Yes, he will have a steadfast love for you when he is in love.
He will provide you with what you require from him.
He will help you in making your life the one you want.

Gemini and Capricorn, What You are Like Together

You are someone who can get this fuddy duddy to try something new or many some-things new.

You are a ball of energy, he is so will rub off on you a little.

Sometimes, you fib and he knows it, he finds it hard to take what you say as the truth.

You will say things that aren't true just to "get at" him, it's not hard, right? I've met many cynical Capricorns and for a cynic he can be pretty gullible to your "white lies".

When he has a goal or something he wants to attain, he is laser focused.

You can want one thing so badly one day and the next week it's something else.

Where there is a question you say yes please or no thanks, straight away; Same question he says give me a week to think about it.

He can be a high and mighty, controlling man; you are a recalcitrant and headstrong woman.

You like your autonomy, you don't like to answer to no one doing as you please and you are naturally not to jealous.

He wants to put down roots, have someone to account to and what's his is his.

He may try to keep in you in line, but you slip through his fingers.

Blithesome and jovial describe Gemini and Capricorn meanwhile is frequently dismal and grave.

He can look lamentable, yet he's feeling great; you won't get it, think of it this way he's smiling on the inside.

He might have a certain dry humour that is found in many Capricorn, you might not get when he is funny.

You joke around so much he may not know when you are actually not playing; he may also think you joke around just to torture him.

You want carefree exhilaration; he wants protection and comfortable routine.

He won't be one of your most fun partners, he may not want to go out as much. There may be the line that he brought work home of he can't be out too late because of work in the morning.

Honestly he isn't the most stimulating man you've ever been with, but he is earnest, affectionate and encouraging when you need him. On top of that he will take a lot from you and stay.

Gemini and Capricorn- Conflicts and How to Deal with Conflicts

His Focus on Work, Goals and Plans

His goals and plans may be some of the things that are most significant to him, try and be a woman who contributes to and partakes in his goals and dreams.

You may not have any interest in what he does, but it matters very much to him.

If you find that you have no interest in what his aspirations are you will feel very excluded from in his life.

It would behoove you to ask him about his workday/work life from time to time, show him that his work matters to you.

Gemini and Capricorn-His Silence and your Talking

You are a great conversationalist, it's natural for you; verbal expression as easy as breathing.

Keeping quiet and listening are not your better talents; they don't come as easy to you most times.

Try listening to him, get him to tell you about what's bothering him.

When he comes home or to see you and he seems stressed, it’s most probably work related, get him to talk to you; be his confidant, this will help him relax.

You must do this because he isn't the type of man that takes the initiative of talking about his troubles, he keeps them in and that causes him stress that grows.

Gemini and Capricorn-Finances (his Saving and your Spending)

He has a plan for his future, he lives there; you are a here in the present kind of person.

I have to tell you, this will be a basic difference that makes a sticking point in your relationship.

If you are planning on living your lives together, you both will have to do much to work and love one another very much to come up with ways that work to both your satisfactions (compromise is the word here).

He can be a bit of a saver at best and a miser at worst; you will be a spendthrift at best and wasteful at worst.

He likes to save for a rainy day in the future; he needs this kind of security.

You think about what needs to be paid for today and this moment; tomorrow will take care of itself.

Gemini and Capricorn-Relationship Talks

There is only one thing that you do that will give him pause.

It can eat at your relationship while you are oblivious to the damage it's doing.

Your propensity to talk your coupling to death (in his eyes).

He doesn't like relationship talks, notice how he avoids them or he changes the subject after you have gone a few sentences in.

You know instinctively that he really doesn't want to talk and communicate.

This will bother you and make you anxious. This can and will become a big problem unless you both find some way to breech this gap that he places between you.

Lack of communication may be what breaks you up when you do.

Love Song:

Water Runs Dry



Let's don't wait till the water runs dry
We might watch our whole lives pass us by
Let's don't wait till the water runs dry
We'll make the biggest mistake of our lives
Don't do it, baby

Things you have to figure out as a couple:

Another thing you will have to figure out is how the two of you approach discussing your relationship and its problems.

Do the two of you follow your method? Talking them through to a conclusion that is good enough for both of you?

Or, do you follow his method? Sweep things under the rug and hope it just works out?

If it's his method that the two of you use to deal with your problems;

1. Inside, you will feel anxious about your troubles.
2. Troubles won't go away; they will stew and grow bigger, eventually, outweighing all the good that you have built together

Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility, Sexual Love

He isn't as free as you are in bed, he's buttoned down even with his clothes of.

You are less restrained and you may get bored with his one or two positions every time thing. The good news is that he can be quite lusty since he is an Earth Sign.

Speaking of sex, it will not always be had on days that he comes home to you stressed out about work or his goals. His work and worries about work will come into play in your sexual life together.

What you can do to ameliorate his tension and take his mind of his troubles is to get him to talk about them and after that you should seduce his mind from going back to his troubles.

The problem here is that as a Gemini woman you probably have never had to expend much effort in seducing a man, so you may not take to this so readily.

If you can't get him to leave other thoughts out his mind before you have sex, while you are having sex you will notice how detached he is and it will hurt your pride. And when a man hurts you enough you may not leave him, but you are liable to cheat just to feel sexy again.

Gemini and Capricorn, Romantic Summary

It's possible for the two of you to have a long term thing, but you have a lot of work to do. If you can work out your differences, if you acknowledge them and compromise...

Marriage however is a "might not happen".


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