Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer


He is serene, balanced and a homebody and at a certain point in your life, you will be attracted to this man.

To be blunt, you would make great friends anything more romantic in nature will be hard going if it gets going at all. Not a good marriage match.

Since you are probably in a relationship already, here we go.

Cancer, What He's Like...

He reacts well to your "feel good"  attitude and you like that.

The simplest thing you do makes him tell you of how he appreciates you.

He will notice that you aren't as connected with your emotions as he is, so, he will want evidence that you are capable of profound emotions.

Love Song:

How Deep Is Your Love


I know your eyes in the morning sun
I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again

How deep is your love
I really need to learn
Cause were living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

Gemini and Cancer, What You are Like Together

He takes on some of your quick ways and you can learn from him how to be a more responsive person.

He is hypersensitive and can be easily hurt. He lives through his feelings, he is owned by them.

You are poised and contained with your feelings, your feelings don't own you. It's your mind that gets the better of you.

You can both be underhanded in influencing and controlling people to your own advantage.

You are both able to behave dishonestly. You may not admit it, but you are each drawn to people that tend to do these kinds of things and so will be drawn to each other.

You can't understand one another, it's as if you speak two different languages.

More than not your relationship needs a decoder, to decipherer and explain what one means to the other.

Maybe counseling or therapy would be good if you want to commit to one another for good.

But, you definitely make an exciting couple.

Gemini and Cancer, When You're Not Getting Along

You can both have instances of jealousy, you don't like anyone gaining the attention of your lover.

He may think you flirt too much. You think you're just being friendly, chit chatting with another man and he feels you are intentionally dissing him.

You can both be temperamental. You both go through times of feeling glum and gloomy. Only, you are quickly put to rights and you bounce right out of it; he drowns and revels in it and can't let it go; this will irritate you.

There are times that he will doubt you in certain situations and you will notice that. You won't always feel that he believes what you say; Sometimes, Gemini's do tell tall tales and little lies about this and that.

He feels pitiful when you shun his caress and you give him a sarcastic comment instead.

Never mind how levelheaded he seems to be, the things that he does are governed by emotions.

If he is a mature Cancer and he cares for you, when troubles come and he feels stressed he will try to solve them, not hide from them.

Gemini and Cancer- Conflicts and Fights

These are the situations where the two of you may have trouble:

At home, he is comfortable and this is where he stays safe and serene away from the world and its troubles.

You want to be sociable, go out, do things and hang out with people; him wanting to stay home all the time makes you feel like you are locked away.

You could learn how to appreciate the serenity of being home from him, along with other things, but you won't want to.

Sooner or later when you acquire an appreciation of his love of being home, and perhaps learn to ignore his tendency to hang on to stuff no longer useful, you may come to build good relationship.

At times, you each know what to do and say to pull up all the fears and anxieties you each have, emotionally trying to destroy the other.

You joke when he wants to take things seriously. When you need him to be affectionate and tender he is as cold as the deep sea.

He gets upset with you and he gives you the silent treatment, it makes you wonder why he is with you anyway.

You can't believe the emotions that this man goes through and he wonders where yours are.

Eventually, when he starts to give you the silent treatment, you know the drill:

He gives you that depressing look, says nothing and then he stares off into space. You want to say something like you have before, but you find yourself holding your tongue.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility, Sexual Love

Gemini and Cancer people aren't aroused in the same ways:

He has times when he is horny because he is feeling deeply emotional; You get horny because you have been mentally stimulated.

You have different ways of getting” there". This leads to mix-ups when it comes to sex.

He won't want to have sex when you are in the mood and you won't want to have sex when he is in the mood. But you both try anyway and still, things are confused.

He is making love to you and he is reveling in how much he loves you. While, you are in your erotic senses, fantasizing.

When you do feel the need at the same time, you're both able to let loose in the bedroom and be kinky and daring.

Gemini and Cancer, Romantic Summary

If you can't get to a place where you can reasonably communicate, the two of you will go through missteps, misunderstandings and it will be a rocky road that is painful for both of you.

To really have a relationship worth something, you need to corroborate and communicate with each other. If you can't then it may be hard going for the two of you and you might as well just stop at friends.

You have to have the courage to not hide from feelings. You each could learn much about love through loving each other.

This relationship will matter to both of you and with work it could be good enough to last a while, but it will not lead to marriage.


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