Gemini and Aries Compatibility

Gemini and Aries


This relationship will be a complicated one of trying times and happiness.

Fighting for the upper hand never stops, you are both fond of testing one another.

Aries, What He's Like...

Your first look at him and you are a goner. He knows how to fascinate you.

He has a strong mind, he is self-reliant and is self-assured; you will be captivated by him.

He tends to determine what he wants fast, whether it's business or romance; he is always ready to take in fresh ideas and in these circumstances he is much like you.

Gemini and Aries, What You are Like Together

You will have an instant crush on one another.

You appreciate that he knows his own mind and listens to his body.

He regards you as a mentally quick, resourceful, slick and savvy woman.

You have these things in common:

*You can't abide coercion and being smothered.

*You both are outgoing, you like to go out and be flirty with other people.

Only, he flirts so it can lead to something and you flirt for laughs; if you notice his flirtations and you get jealous, he won't like it.

Sometimes, he flirts just because he wants to make you jealous and you won't respond at all, and that will bother him.

When he feels a fondness for a woman it is a keen affection, he has as an overwhelming way of showing it.

His way in showing his affection may be too much for you and you may bail on him emotionally; if this situation lasts too long he will begin to believe that your feelings do not go very deep.

He will never comprehend the nature of your mind.

Contingent upon the way he feels and expresses that feeling, you'll either entertain him or torment him.

You on the other hand are able to analyze him, categorize him and place him in the correct place in your mental filing cabinet.

When it comes down to it, you have a fundamental understanding of each other, but you act as if he confuses you and he acts as if you're perplexing to him.

It's almost like you don't want to get along sometimes.

He finds the oddest ways in which to show his love to you. You find the oddest ways to show him you are vulnerable to him.

It's just that you both have a hard time saying that you love, if you both can become more open to put into words what you are feeling, you will be much happier.

Gemini and Aries- How you Fight or Don't Fight

He takes the reigns from the beginning of your relationship, at first you think "oh how charming, he's so manly". 

Only later you realize that no matter where you want to be the one to make the choice, he overrules you and you begin to change your mind, thinking how he bores you, he's so predictable.

More trouble will come because you like different things, he's not that interested in the arts; you are not that into athletics.

Things you need to know:

*He will be affected by the way you speak to him sometimes.

He may be a little irritated when you have your little flare-ups, but he won't easily forgive you for using hateful or spiteful words.

It won't matter much to you though; you will rarely take back what you have said.

You will be affected by how his word isn't always reliable.

You will say to yourself it doesn't matter to me, but it does matter.

Sometimes you are both in a bad mood and arguments may arise, luckily you kiss and make up fairly quickly (you faster than him) leaving the bad feelings ( as long as it didn't get ugly,Gemini) and moving on.

Gemini and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sex starts in your mind,  a man has to first seduce you mentally.

He doesn't understand this since if he is physically horny that's enough. His sexual nature is animalistic and basic.

If you try to talk out (sexual) problems with him, the situation will get so bad that it leads the two of you to argue.

He may become prideful in the way he speaks to you; you will find him to be too earthy and insulting and a breach between you is the result.

Funnily enough, when you do manage to have sex that answers both your needs, it can be very good sex.

Gemini and Aries, Romantic Summary

If the two of you want things between you to last, you need to give a little and so does he; you will have to compromise on your needs, things must always be fair in your relationship.

He has his own way of living his life, if you can find value in that; you have a good chance of making it last all the way to marriage.

Love Song:

Can't we try
Dan Hill

Can’t we try just a little bit harder
Can’t we give just a little bit more
Can’t we try to understand
That it’s love we’re fighting for
Can’t we try just a little more passion
Can’t we try just a little less pride
I love you so much baby
That it tears me up inside


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