The Definition of Astrology

There are many Sub-categories under the Definition of Astrology

Astrology is the major theme, Zodiac signs and everything else is a

Astrology is the broth and Zodiac signs, Planet Signs and other parts are the ingredients. Do you get my meaning? I shall try to explain it more to you here.

The ancient people of Greece and Egypt employed Astrology in a more complete way than we who practice Western Astrology do today.

They used it in particular for marriage/relationship matches much like the Vedic astrologist do now.

They thought that there is a subconscious concordance between some people and a discordance between others.

But then again, the Egyptians and Grecians were people who did many things that make us marvel at how ingenious they were.

Definition of Astrology- Triplicity

The ancient people knew the Earth was made of 4 Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

They also thought that we are also born under an Element/Triplicity. There contains 3 zodiac signs within each Elemental/Triplicity group.

Doing this, they were able to gain perspective on why there is such an aversion between people and why there may be such instant connection between others.

They contended that Water and Fire don't relate, whereas Fire and Air are natural friends.

If earth is able to fly along with Air things should work okay. Earth and Water get along swimmingly or are at one another’s throat. Air stirs up Water.

Definition of Astrology-Dualities

Masculine/Positive and Feminine/Negative Zodiac signs

Astrology has 2 groupings of signs that are called:

Masculine and Feminine

Included in each group are 6 zodiac signs.
In these 2 groups each sign is labeled Passive or Active.

There isn't a good being a Positive sign or a bad being a Negative sign, it's neither here nor there; it's more like Electrical polarity.

***The words used interchangeably:
Feminine,  Nocturnal, Negative or Yin- Passive  and
Masculine, diurnal, Positive or Yang sign - Active***

Definition of Astrology- Qualities

Qualities, Quadruplicities, Modes or Modalities are all the same thing.

It means the kind of demeanor or deportment a person conveys or has. I like to use the word quadruplicities since it reminds me that there are 4 zodiac signs in each grouping.

We have 3 Modes, of separate groups; these Modalities are:

The Cardinal Mode

The Mutable Mode

The Fixed Mode

When we place the Signs with their Mode/Polarity/Element we have:

The Cardinal Mode

out flowing, they make moves that are good for self


Cardinal  Fire Masculine


Cardinal  Earth Feminine


Cardinal  Water  Feminine


Cardinal   Air   Masculine

The Mutable Mode

versatile, they adapt themselves, they accommodate


Mutable Water Feminine


Mutable Fire Masculine


Mutable Air Masculine


Mutable Earth  Feminine

The Fixed Mode

steady, uncompromising, unchanging in their ways


Fixed Earth Feminine


Fixed Fire Masculine


Fixed Water Feminine


Fixed Air Masculine

Signs that are of the same Element or Mode usually take to one another, unless they're of the Fixed mode since they both seek to take and keep control.

There are people out there who have their Elemental nature under control, thereby making it easy for them to click with almost all the other Elements.

There are others who have not risen above their Element and as such really need a partner of a compatible Element if there is to be felicity and serenity in the relationship.

Besides that a lot of us have no idea or can only slightly approximate what our elemental emotional and intellectual attributes are; this also goes for what our elemental flaws are.

Knowing what these two issues are elementally would be a great help.

Definition of Astrology - Zodiac Signs and Planets

The Moon and the Sun only govern 1 zodiac sign each.

One or more Planets (co-Planet), governs 2 zodiac signs, 1 feminine/negative and 1 masculine/positive

The Sun governs 


The Moon governs


Mercury governs

  Gemini and Virgo

Venus governs

Taurus and Libra

Mars governs

Aries and Scorpio

Jupiter governs

Pisces and Sagittarius

Saturn governs 

Aquarius and Capricorn

Recent newcomers :

The New Planet that governs Scorpio is Pluto

*** I like to think as others do that it's the co-ruler***

The New Planet that governs Aquarius is Uranus

*** I like to think as others do that it's the co-ruler***

The New Planet that governs Pisces is Neptune

*** I like to think as others do that it's the co-ruler***


When a Planet is in a zodiac sign that has the same attributes, yet it doesn't govern that sign, it is called exalted.

We could say that the Planet is at home or comfortable there. The Planet becomes more potent and enhanced thereby giving more positive energy there.

The Sun is exalted in


The Moon is exalted in


Mercury is exalted in


Venus is exalted in


Mars is exalted in


Jupiter is exalted in


Saturn is exalted in


Uranus is exalted in


Neptune is exalted in

Leo (or has been said also in Cancer)

Pluto is exalted in

Aries (or has been said also in Pisces)

That is just some of the many subject/categories that come under the Definition of astrology.

What do I think Astrology is?

Many people want to know the definition of Astrology. I used to wonder the same thing.

One definition of astrology is that illuminates what is already there in you. If it shines a light on your negative aspects, you can work on them and turn your challenges into positives. Astrology makes you aware.

Astrology is a tool to help you get control of what by nature would hinder your growth.

Astrology is also a tool to gain more self-confidence in the great things in your nature you should nurture.

Astrology is the study of the stars and how they influence you and the world around you. Astrology illuminates, Zodiac signs are what Astrology shines light on.

After all these years of studying astrology one thing is sure; yes, there is an influence and though it be strong, naturally we each have our own free will.

It's a potent element that mixes with a natal chart. A chart only tells of inclinations it's not always a rule when it comes to some people. Your natal Planets and Signs can't make you do anything.

You have the choice to take the easy way and leave your flaws as is or not achieve whatever successes are shown in your chart.

To paraphrase William Ernest Henley from "Invictus",

You are the master of your fate
You are the captain of your soul.

Once you start learning astrology, you just can’t stop, you gain so much astonishing knowledge.

Is Astrology just gibberish? Hogwash? A silly new agey thing we shouldn’t take seriously?

What are your astrological signs? Do you know?...
What Element are you? Is it a balanced mix or are you more of one?...
Do you know what Zodiac signs are in what Planets in your chart?...


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