Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo

Virgo, What He's Like...

He tends to be preoccupied with work most times and when he isn't, he is worried about other things that he hasn't gotten quite right.

He can be unnerving, he goes by reason and order.

What You are Like Together, Good and Bad

He will feel secure because of your ability to be a homemaker, this he values.

You are good with your money, but you aren't as stringent as he is.

He will not feel comfortable nor will he like it when you invite your family and friends to drop by your home.

You need a steady dose of care and loving, he won't "get" this; you won't "get" the agony of worry he puts himself through.

Virgo men may find Sagittarius, Gemini and Leo women attractive because they are extroverts and it's the opposite trait of a regular Virgo. You wish you could be like a happy-go-lucky Sag, but your emotions can get the best of you.

He is a mutable sign so he understands feelings changing, but your temperamental ways will still confound him.

On the other side of the coin, your deep feelings allow you to show him support and this quality in you makes him feel comfortable around you. He is just as afraid of being hurt as you are, but he covers his insecurities up by being intensely rational and deliberate.

You like to be snuggled with, he will want that too, sometimes, but mostly, he isn't as touchy as you need a man to be.

He deals with life through his intellect, he is highly rational; you deal with life through your feelings, you are highly sensitive.

You can be a great help to each other in a way:

You will learn how to pass your feelings through your mind before you drown in them. You will show him that being more open with and to his feelings although scary isn't always bad.

Cancer and Virgo- How you Fight or Don't Fight

You like to mother and pamper the person you love; He loves to baby and spoil the person he loves. What will the two of you do? Pamper one another? This won't last too long before you start to irritate each other.

As a whole, the partner you each need is someone who is a bit more optimistic than you both naturally are, this way you won't bicker as much and things get done.

Whatever peace you achieve in your relationship will never last long because of your constant and trivial fights.

You will tolerate his antics, yes, but not forever.

You will always want more from him in the relationship, he doesn't give enough romance, he hardly wines and dines you, he hardly shows how he feels. He may love you and in your head you know it, but your heart can't tell.

He dissects everything, why? He repeats criticisms that you got the first time; he repeats his trivial problems again and again, why?

You are able to console him when he is upset at whatever he is upset with today.

You will get annoyed at this opinionated ways though, when he becomes to much, you won't feel much like bringing him solace.

In the end, you just flip his complaints away with the thought that he just likes to nag.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sex will not be something that is at the top of your mutual priority list for this relationship. Neither of you would be frustrated much if you only had sex once every two weeks.

But, when you do it will be affectionate and subdued, it will be like a quiet ember not a raging fire.

You both do like to have sex when it happens, but sometimes, you wish he would be a little more sultry than he is. He can almost seem as if he is going through the motions and not really connecting.

Even still, sex will be a nice extra within your relationship.

Cancer and Virgo, Romantic Summary

He should honor your point of view and you should honor his, even though you may not agree with one another all the time. If you both do this, you can then learn to compromise on things, this will go a long way in insuring your romance lasts.

If you can get him to become more open with you as you move through the stages of your relationship, you may last a while, but you won't marry.

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